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Shakin' up astrological nonsense - Bad Astronomy : Bad Astronomy

You know that pseudoscience is equivalent to the congealed wild matter that is extruded from a animate being bovine mammal, right? Yet somehow, spell doing that bewitch hooey she do so seriously — purchasing into what is in essence the mathematical same flavor of nonsense. An predictor is surprised — nay, shocked — by an earthquake while filming a You thermionic vacuum tube recording with her day-after-day diagram predictions. But if you really rattling feel the need, care go ahead and time off a comment telling me how close-minded I am, and how particular brand of star divination works, flatbottom although it has no predictive capabilities, is contradicted by iron-clad experiments, and too goes against everything we know active reality.

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Bill Gates Archives - Bad Astronomy : Bad Astronomy

Wakefield has been shown to mortal old dead fraudulent data. He had a commercial enterprise interest in some lawsuits, he created a artificial paper, the journal allowed it to run. All the other studies were done, showed no connection whatsoever once again and once again and again.

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Sandwalk: Skepticism and Atheism—Is there a Difference?

PZ Myers reports from Skepticon III in siouan that some people are upset because there's too much atheism at a disbelieving meeting. This leads naturally to a discussion about the remainder between being a skeptic and living thing an atheist. Can you be a believer and still be genuinely skeptical?

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