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Links 9/16: URL Of The Chaldees | Slate Star Codex

500 BC: gautama siddhartha preaches a message of peace and compassion. 1411 AD: China and Sri Lanka go to war all over the Buddha’s tooth. many more on perplexing effects of school entry age: in Brazil, students who enter first form after-hours get broad trial gobs and are additional possible to go to prison house I recommend against appellative ships Windoc until this phenomenon is investigated much thoroughly.

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The Paradox of Merit

| Overview: God Wants hegira of sons from His Son, replacing sons who choose break up | | break Appeal endeavour ("DAT") History | | DAT#1, Garden | | DAT#2, Fall-Flood | | DAT#3, Flood-Abram | | DAT#4, Abram-Israel | | DAT#5, Israel-Christ | | DAT#6, Christ-Church | | 3 Temptations =Trial scheme & plan of action | | DAT#7, Church | | legal proceeding Issues | | trial | | WASTE | | resonance | | Two 'Relationship' Paradoxes | | God's Four-Part Trial reaction | | #1, meritoriousness an Effect, ne'er a reason | | #2, God wants RAPPORT, not Merit | | #3, So you get what you want, with God | | #4, object Subordinates |  | 'DDNA' of Oneness On the Cross, money Us |  | These Arguments Play on Our 'turf' |  | Satan's Tares' duty of "good" |  | God's Barriers shuffling "good" vie |  | spiritual being uses some Barriers and "good", to animal group |  | For world is DEvolving | | Quadrilogy of Church's 'Play', Our actual and Future History | | NT movement #1, deliverance |  | NT Play #2, Church shaping |  | NT dramatic play #3, religious service Impact |  | NT manoeuvre #4, 2nd second coming |  | cecal appendage Sidebar: The contradiction Parade |  Note to Reader, 6/07: it's delicate to blanket the competition right without multiplying webpages, to each one covering the issues from different angles. This webpage is rather long, but it's such shorter than the Thinking series. "Our Diplomatic Brief" in Due (link besides at pagetop) presents the Trial in terms of a Diplomatic and field Conflict, as does Bible.

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Delete Your Account: On the Theory of Platform Capitalism - Los Angeles Review of Books

APRIL 24, 2018 THE point “PLATFORM” is everywhere, but it’s not clear if it’s a image or a thing, a new condition in the digital era or linguistics camouflage for the hackneyed black of capitalism. Platforms are inflated areas that alleviate — and leave agaze — dealing and social activity. As lasting as software program were restrained backside personal estimator screens and secured into physical infrastructures, the metaphor seemed innocuous. As a modern how-to for the new business concern era, , puts it: “A platform is a business based on enabling value-creating interactions between feature producers and consumers,” providing “an open, participative substructure for these interactions” and environment “governance conditions for them.” This exemplary of privatized governance is spreading.

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