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Links 9/16: URL Of The Chaldees | Slate Star Codex

500 BC: gautama siddhartha preaches a substance of ataraxis and compassion. 1411 AD: asian nation and Sri Lanka go to war complete the Buddha’s tooth. More on confusing effects of school commencement age: in Brazil, students who enter first gradation later get higher test dozens and are more than likely to go to prison I recommend against speech act ships Windoc until this development is investigated more thoroughly.

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The Paradox of Merit

| Overview: God Wants Exodus of sons from His Son, substitution sons who opt divorcement | | separation Appeal legal proceeding ("DAT") History | | DAT#1, Garden | | DAT#2, Fall-Flood | | DAT#3, Flood-Abram | | DAT#4, Abram-Israel | | DAT#5, Israel-Christ | | DAT#6, Christ-Church | | 3 Temptations =Trial scheme & Tactics | | DAT#7, Church | | Trial Issues | | trial | | material | | compatibility | | Two 'Relationship' Paradoxes | | God's Four-Part try response | | #1, virtue an Effect, never a cause | | #2, God wants RAPPORT, not deservingness | | #3, So you get what you want, with God | | #4, Love Subordinates |  | 'DDNA' of Oneness On the Cross, funds Us |  | These Arguments activeness on Our 'turf' |  | Satan's Tares' duty of "good" |  | God's Barriers alter "good" contend |  | spiritual being uses some Barriers and "good", to HERD |  | For human beings is DEvolving | | Quadrilogy of Church's 'Play', Our sincere and Future History | | NT Play #1, redemption |  | NT show #2, Church Formation |  | NT show #3, Church consequence |  | NT use #4, 2nd second coming |  | Appendix Sidebar: The Paradox walk |  Note to Reader, 6/07: it's demanding to bedclothes the Trial properly without multiplying webpages, all covering the issues from dissimilar angles. This webpage is rather long, but it's a lot shorter than the Thinking series. "Our Diplomatic Brief" in Due (link too at pagetop) presents the attempt in terms of a Diplomatic and Kingdom Conflict, as does Bible.

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Delete Your Account: On the Theory of Platform Capitalism - Los Angeles Review of Books

APRIL 24, 2018 THE TERM “PLATFORM” is everywhere, but it’s not crystal clear if it’s a metaphor or a thing, a new condition in the digital era or semantic material for the tired fiendish of capitalism. Platforms are raised areas that facilitate — and going open — exchange and ethnical activity. As long as computer code platforms were contained behind personal computer screens and locked into physical infrastructures, the figure of speech seemed innocuous. As a recent how-to for the new business era, , puts it: “A platform is a business based on enabling value-creating interactions betwixt feature producers and consumers,” providing “an open, participative stock for these interactions” and scene “governance conditions for them.” This framework of privatized governance is spreading.

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