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SFCC :: Ask Dr. K : Men's Sexual Health - Pros and Cons of Fisting

I am a in the first place a bottom and on more than one function I get been asked whether I'm into fisting. I individual never done it but am queer enough to give it a try. Can you tell me the pros and cons of this activity and how best to go about it?

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How to normalize stools and natural bowel movements

Moving bowel is an instinct, not an acquired trait. You don't need to teach newborns to move their centre — it comes to them just as course as breathing or crying. Similarly, in that location are seniors who have never had a problem moving their viscus regularly, and are free from common colorectal disorders, much as enlarged hemorrhoids, diverticular disease, or incontinence.

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Surrogacy is an howling natural ability to assistance someone who cannot channel a pregnancy, by carrying their miss for them. If you decide to be a surrogate, we can support you through every step.

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