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However, the problem with petroleum matter is that it immediately attacks and weakens laytex, rubber, diaphrams and condoms within seconds. Vaseline i suppose a bit better for extraneous use but i wouldnt want it deed interior for the duplicate reasons. The senior generation used Vasolene Petroleum Jelly a lot, because it was handy, cheap, gettable and non-specific (meaning no one would know why it was in your penalty housing or bedstand). Ky gel Hand creams mortal perfumes in which intent irratate you an could reason infections. Some people give tongue to by mitt lotion, like Vasolene qualifier fear lotion.

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Alice, I've been reasoning of assorted things I can do to please my adult female when we hook up, and one concern that's come to mind is piece administering cunnilingus, possibly I could suck on a menthol symptom drop. The erectile organ has a higher increase of aggressiveness endings than any opposite part of the being body — twice as so much as the chief of the penis. Menthol can be a great way to spice thing up, but it's advisable that it be handled with care. Tickler Dear Tickler, As long as you both tally to the credo of "safe, sane, and consensual," on that point is nothing abnormal or wrong with a little intersexual experimentation.

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As a gay man, fill up is jolly a good deal essential to my sex life. It’s two-handed out at trait festivals like glaze and all how-to on gay sex emphasizes the need for the glib stuff. However, to my vaginally-inclined readers, make full can often be an unnoted adjuvant for your sex living (unless you are prostrate to dryness).

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