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Asian Elephants are much smaller than the African elephants merely growing to a brace of meters tall. eastern elephants are found in the tropical jungles of India and China, and passim most countries in south-east Asia. asiatic elephants soul been domesticated for hundreds of time period for foresting and often battle.

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The elephant's almost mordacious predator is the human. Besides our species, no other animal eats or hunts them. The elephant acts as a separate concern of the parcel solid web that consumes bark. They also devour grass, leaves, twigs, respective types of fruit, and participant pods (2). Elephants liquid up to 30-50 gallons of water per day (2). During youth, the elephants learn how to manuver their trunk to by rights feed themselves (2).

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ADW: Elephas maximus: INFORMATION

Had a geographic limit of 9 million paid kilometers across a large part of Asia. This orbit extended as far west as circulating day Iraq, as far north as the Yangtze River in China, and across the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, including the islands of Sri Lanka and island (Indonesia). The latest geographical range is 500,000 right-angled kilometers, which is only roughly 5% of the real range.

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