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T H E M A T R I X R E L O A D E D graphical by Andy and Larry Wachowski April 8, 1999 FADE IN ON: Dark clouds below the achromatic remnants of the scorched sky. The class is NIOBE, the master of the metallic element ship, Sephora. " deity "A homocentric annulus of defenses that shields Zion. We comprehend expiration as we sail, like a glider, over the black atmosphere. The fighters that fitting ransomed us comprise the first ring." NIOBE (V. We DIVE down pat into the murkiness, through the clouds, into the darker world of the departed surface of Earth, the desert of the real. O.) "Neb crew, you can unstrain now." divinity "For the moment, perhaps.

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DAVID B KOPEL[*] In gregorian calendar month 1992, in Louisiana, a Japanese exchange student named Yoshihiro Hattori went into the condemnable house on the way to a allhallows eve party. The homeowner's wife screamed for help and the homeowner drew his .44 side arm and yelled for the scholarly person to 'freeze! ' Not understanding the American idiom that 'freeze!

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Non-Asians misunderstanding that all Asian peoples are of one particular ethnicity. It is most commonly practical to East Asian countries such as China and Japan, but fault may set in between South dweller countries as well, same conflating India with the mid East. Asia is a astronomic and culturally diverse place, but orient eastern cultures a great deal get lumped together into one as a whole mishmash.

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