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The intention of this dissertation is to help state how and why two revolutionary national mortal of Cambodia–Lon Nol and Pol Pot, peculiarly the latter–had prominent failures and became pseudotransformational leaders. It aims to flesh a proposition or construct that revolutionist leaders in the world sector, peculiarly of dictatorial regimes, tend to become pseudotransformational leaders when a) they lack convinced components of bathetic intelligence (EI) and/or b) adopt positive leadership styles and use them inappropriately. The author used a sundry methods comparative legal proceeding study with the numerical method nested in the qualitative one.

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Lon Nol's Cambodia '72: absolute power, absolute lies, National, Phnom Penh Post

The 1972 elections saw 1970 coup-leader Lon Nol "legitimized" at the polls. Academic Steven Heder, continuing his broadcast on elections in the terminal half-century, describes the '72 elections: guns and bald-faced lies. If the concluding elections under then-Prince Sihanouk in 1966 tidal current whatsoever alikeness to those of 1946-1951, the vote processes conducted in 1972 in the Khmer democracy resembled the elections of 1955.

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Bygone Cambodian leader with a palindromic name - Crossword Quiz Answers

Find out the yesteryear Cambodian person with a palindromic name problem clue. This question belongs to the New dynasty nowadays crossword puzzle May 27 2018 Answers. We assets the answers and solutions for the New Times Crossword.

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