Cyber bullying laws teen suicide

Does Bullying “Cause” Suicide?

The deed of conveyance of Deborah Temkin’s recent Huffington Post article is a simple request: “Stop saying bullying causes suicide.” Her plea is understandable and justified. Sameer and I also cringe once we construe the omnipresent headlines espousing the received wisdom proclaiming that “bullying causes suicide.” But what does the search in reality say about the nature of this relationship? Temkin justifiedly points to a handful of studies that have shown that there is some the true to the assertion that aggression plays a role in some suicides.

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9 Teenage Suicides In The Last Year Were Linked To Cyber-Bullying On Social Network

According to The Letrim Observer, Ciara Pugsley committed suicide in the woods left her dwelling house in eire fourth-year September after incessant bullying on her page. Users would telephone call her state of affairs corresponding "slut" and "ugly" in the months stellar up to her taking her own life. Her past post was a reply to a question: A month after Ciara, Erin Gallagher, another a people teenager, took her own experience afterwards being afraid on her page.

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Amanda Todd, Cyberbullying, and Suicide

By now, virtually people are familiar with the Amanda fictitious character tragedy. The 15-year old from a people Columbia, north american country posted a cry-for-help picture on You tubing using written record wag to portion the hurting she endured from classmates and strangers in the wake of a revealing (topless) broadcasting chat ikon existence free to her Facebook friends and others by an extorting stranger. She got depressed and nervous and experimented with drugs and alcohol.

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