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22 Ballistics – Hyper, Standard Or Subsonic Rounds – Which One?

Understanding 22 Ballistics (22 Long rifle – 5.6x15mm R) whether you shoot hyper velocity, subsonic or standardised 22 material (around 1250fps) is essential if you necessity to hit bantam targets on the far side 100 yards. The 22 LR is ideal for teaching initiate or beginner piece owners the basics of exterior ballistic trajectory and how to consistently hit targets beyond their common shooting distance. Ammunition is low-cost so you can practice all day at the gun range.

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Airgun Pellet Penetration. Is Fastest Best for Hunting

Many airgun hunters are interested in airgun shot penetration. The added penetration the better for elflike game, in particular, in orderliness to achieve a humane, one shot kill. And there’s much cognition out there saying that lighter, faster pellets furnish bully penetration. HAM definite to run a simple airgun projectile entrance test.

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The venerable .22 LR vs. gelatin part II: Standard and high velocity rounds | Lo-fi Gun & Game

In part one of my investigating into the end process electrical phenomenon of the .22 LR, I well-tried and examined a variety of subsonic loads for the world’s favorite rimfire round. Among the statesman interesting results yielded from that bulbous of tests were those of the Aguila 60 metric weight unit Sniper Subsonic round. The bullet, which was far too long and massive to be stabilized by rifling twist exemplary of to the highest degree .22 LR rifles, apparently turned end over end during its misadventure through and through the gel assemblage creating a space far wider than those inscribed by most .22 LR loads.

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