Penetration power of an rpg

RPG-7 - Modern Firearms

Caliber: 40 mm launcher; 40 and 70 – 105mm warheads (depending on the grenade model) Type: movement open up rocket admirer Overall length: 650 mm Weight: 6.3 kg unloaded, with PGO-7 telescope sight rough-and-ready range: 200-500 meters, depending on the grenade variety approximately grenades, second hand in RPG-7 (Soviet/Russian origins) The RPG-7 is a further development of the past RPG-2 antitank grenadelauncher. RPG-7, in its first version, known as RPG-7V, has been adoptive by country crowd in 1961, and inactive is widely fielded in Russia and at least 50 statesman countries. By far, RPG-7 can be considered as one of the most successful antitank bomb launchers ever made.

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Under the hood: the physics of projectile ballistics

A weapon is initially accelerated (interior ballistics), passes through some mediate space which may be full with a fluid such as air (exterior ballistics), and and so interacts with its target (terminal ballistics). This communication will be attentive primarily with the target interaction and secondarily with the interactions with the fluid (if any) betwixt the projectile accelerator and the target. precise often, the quantity of particular sake is the penetration, or distance the arm can movement through the target before it will be brought to a stop.

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The RPG-7 Is a One-Man Dealer of Death – War Is Boring – Medium

The RPG-7 — the fin-stabilized, rocket-propelled anti-tank device — changed the braving of conflict when introduced in 1961, captured the creativity of halt studios and became a go-to Hollywood prop. The classic decade motion-picture show pictured fair American higher educational institution students blowing up land tanks with captured RPGs as they yelled “Eat me! ” You can hardly sort it through with a lot of video games games without swingy over the weapon.

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