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We may know why younger brothers are more likely to be gay | New Scientist

The many more older brothers a boy has, the many liable he is to be gay when he grows up – an effect known as the “fraternal start order effect”. Now it seems that growing levels of antibodies in a mother’s exempt substance could activeness a role. Anthony Bogaert at Brock University, Canada, and his team think that some women who are gravid with boys grow antibodies that target a macromolecule made by the Y chromosome.

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UC Berkeley Psychologist Finds Evidence That Male Hormones In The Womb Affect Sexual Orientation -- ScienceDaily

The tied of male hormones in the uterus can influence an unhatched child's forthcoming unisexual orientation, according to new look into from a body of California, Berkeley, prof who used an odd technique - measuring finger length - to assembling evidence. BERKELEY -- The equal of male hormones in the womb can influence an unhatched child's future sexual orientation, reported to new inquiry from a body of California, Berkeley, faculty member who utilised an unusual method - measuring finger segment - to gather evidence. Marc Breedlove, prof of psychology, as well found that higher levels of these phallic hormones, or androgens, can create a greater than modal tendency for some males and females to create by mental act a homosexual orientation.

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Birth Order May Affect Homosexuality

This pleased has not been reviewed within the past period of time and may not represent Web MD's most up-to-date information. To find the most in progress information, delight register your cognitive content of curiosity into our operation box. " June 26, 2006 -- Men may be more likely to be homosexual if they share their birth mother with older brothers, even if they didn't grow up with those brothers.

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