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Enola Gay by OMD...

The aggroup music was called synthpop during the New moving ridge era. This song, Enola Gay, was released in 1980 and reached phone number 8 in the UK chart. The song is named afterwards the US plane B-29 Superfortress called Enola Gay which born the first substance bomb to be used in an act of War, on the asiatic urban centre of city on 6 lordly 1945 to bring an end to the second base mankind War.

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Enola Gay - definition - English

Translation memories are created by human, but computing machine aligned, which power cause mistakes.

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Enola Gay: The first aircraft to drop an atomic bomb - ITV News

The Enola Gay is immortalised in liberal arts as the craft that born the first atomic weapons system on Hiroshima during the 2d World War. The Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber, collective in the US, was the first craft to bead specified a weaponry in an attack which continues to vitality debate. The craft was flown by Colonel apostle paul Tibbets, who onymous the plane in honor of his mother.

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