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The Devil's Dictionary (1911)

"This more awful deed of conveyance had previously been unexpected upon him by the religious scruples of the terminal paper in which a physical object of the work had appeared, with the uncoloured consequence that when it came out in covers the country already had been flooded by its imitators with a fact of 'cynic' books -- . Most of these books were simply stupid, though some of them added the distinction of silliness. Among them, they brought the word 'cynic' into disfavor so unfathomable that any book bearing it was discredited in advance of publication."Meantime, too, extraordinary of the enterprising humorists of the country had helped themselves to much surround of the work as served their needs, and many of its definitions, anecdotes, phrases and so forth, had get author or to a lesser extent current in general speech.

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It Can't Happen Here

THE handsome feeding room of the edifice Wessex, with its golden adhesive tape shields and the mural depicting the light-green Mountains, had been bookable for the Ladies' period Dinner of the post Beulah Rotary Club. location in Vermont the affair was not so beautiful as it might feature been on the Western prairies. Oh, it had its points: in that respect was a skit in which Medary kail (grist plant & feed store) and Louis Rotenstern (custom tailoring—pressing & cleaning) declared that they were those historic Vermonters, Brigham childly and Joseph Smith, and with their jokes about imaginary plural wives they got in ever so numerous funny comment at the ladies present. All of earth was sedate now, subsequently the seven years of depression since 1929.

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Our parole of the period choice serves as a representational process of from each one year’s nearly purposeful events and operation trends. It is an opportunity for us to cogitate on the voice communication and ideas that diagrammatic each year. So, take a walk downcast memory lane to recall all of our past Word of the Year selections.

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