Do gay people go to hell

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Why gay people simply must go to hell : Dangerous Intersection

A few years ago I had an extended spoken communication around gay group with an evangelical man in his mid-50s. I thought that this speech might be illuminating, in that this fellow is a becoming associate in umteen ways. He works hard, pays his taxes, makes contributions to poor people, loves his children and abhors bigotry, at littlest once it involves blatant secernment of African-Americans. On the added hand, he is deeply hagridden with the “problem” of gays.

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Most conventional churches food waste to get me as I am or that I could be saved. have tried to fit into what grouping see mean but keep going back to the gay lifestyle. I know you dont think this but I was born gay and as well amply believe I am saved.

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Does the Bible say homosexuals will go to hell? |

Homosexuals are understandably unfit for all existence to hell. Leviticus distinctly states this, as was manifest in city and Gomorrah. group consider as us sacred fundamentalists, once in fact we are simply restating what is clearly in the WORD OF GOD.

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