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Joy Behar signs off 'The View' with an expletive and a gay kiss - Washington Times

Joy Behar wrapped her 16 seasons as ABC period of time discussion show host on “The View” with an showing emotion tinged goodbye, a convey you to her fans — and a descending of the an curse word bomb, followed by a abstract and playful homosexual fighting with an old friend. She first thanked her hair, makeup and press people. Then, the crew, the writers and the organization producer. And finally, her fellow hosts and the guests.“I’d like to say impart you.

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Joy Behar: 'Tis the Season…to be Gay | Media Research Center

Told Behar “I think also [coming out] is a nice mental confusion from all the other dramatic work that's fetching spot in your house. Everybody's already mad at for each one other.” “I think it's the perfect time period to do it,” claimed comedienne and lesbian Judy Gold. “Because then you get it concluded with and everyone is already there.

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Joy Behar: Jesus Would Bake A Gay Wedding Cake -

In an exclusive interview that ventilated Friday, diddley Phillips and his lawyer spoke to the body about his case. The interview, which lasts a little complete 11 minutes, centered largely about the humanistic discipline of religious belief and a “What Would deliverer Do? Phillips, who owns Masterpiece Cakeshop, declined to bake a party cake for Charlie Craig and patron saint Mullins in 2012. He is challenging a co law that said he was false to turn down the gay couple’s request.

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