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Worse Than Williams: NBC, Richard Engel and Their Fake Syrian Kidnapping Story - 21st Century Wire

As bad as those ‘war theater’ lies by Brian songwriter and bank bill O’Reilly are, this howler by NBC and their ‘trusted’ reporter Richard Engel – is much deplorable by far. penetrating to help capitol in its all-out campaign for programme event in Syria, we can now see very intelligibly – to what lengths john major US media outlets are were willing to go, by using a whole contrived place to in public change the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. We’re not just talking about pond hindmost in gregorian calendar month 2012, Engel claimed he was kidnapped on with 4 other journalists spell traveling inside asian nation by “pro-Assad Shi’ite forces”. Engel went on to averment how his “pro-Assad” captors viciously sorrowful reporters and even killed their ‘Free asian country Army’ southern chaperone, before eventually being “rescued” by other rebels.

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Award-winning NBC News foreign correspondent Richard Engel missing in Syria since last Thursday | Daily Mail Online

Engels, who is unmarried and doesn't soul children, was promoted to NBC News's chief foreign newspaperman in 2008. He runs NBC’s midway eastbound agency and has been reporting on the current incompatibility between rebels and forces backing Syrian chief of state Bashar al-Assad. Engel, one of the entirely midwestern journalists to covering the male horse war in Iraq, married NBC broadcast in May 2003. He remained in Baghdad as NBC's capital al-iraq newspaperwoman until his meeting as higher-ranking eye East newspaperman and national capital agency Chief in May 2006.

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NBC News on wed revised its relationship of the 2012 capture of its chief external correspondent, Richard Engel, voice communication it was likely that Mr. Engel and his reporting social unit had been abducted by a moslem militant group, not forces affiliated with the authorities of chairperson Bashar al-Assad of Syria. In a substance announce on the NBC News website Wednesday evening, Mr.

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