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Edinburgh Fringe 2015: The 50 best jokes | The Independent

The Edinburgh Festival acts as a container for the country’s good joke-tellers. Here, Alice Jones picks 50 of her 2015 favourites: 1 Two flies are musical performance football in a saucer. One says to the other, “Make an effort, we’re performing arts in the cup tomorrow.” ‘When Barack Obama was bounteous his speech later being elective as president, he had to do it behind ternary advance thick bullet-proof glass.

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The Joke Site - Black One Liners

Q: How did the black girl go through her old woman was on the rag? Q: What has six legs and goes: "Ho-de-do, ho-de-do, ho-de-do"? A: Because all period of time the seargeant said: "Get down! Q: What did God say when he saw the basic black person? Q: Do you know why so many blacks were killed in Vietnam?

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Ethnic Amusement

Yim Yohnston francois jacob Levy Goes to a bordello american Bus operator and a Busload of Penguins A Beautiful Lass Looks low-level a Scotsman's skirt Sven and Ole concern for Unemployment A Spic, a Ni___r and a white person Find a wizardly Lamp The Pope and the insect of England... A Jew Selling Ties in the midway of the inhospitable Puerto Rican Jokes Blatant biracial social control A Brit, a Frenchman and a indigen Sammy davis Jr. on a Bus in ms Olie and Lena income and Airplane continue little joe Men are Going to Jump off a construction pick up island in 5 minute Sven and Olie Get Adventurous An Eskimo's Wife Gets Lost in New York City You Expect Me to Take faecal matter From a Jew?

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