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Gaara is NOT gay by Americananimegirl on DeviantArt

I love the activity of how cute he was blushing once he kissed Naruto for his birthday. but me miss said this think that unexhausted me perplexed . i quote,that 'gaara is not gay nore straight'!! (I must admit, my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE couple in Naruto is Kakashi and Iruka) I don't care either way, so I ask: why be steamed if individual likes the idea, smooth if you don't?

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He's Not Gay Chapter 2: Only Gaara, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

Anyway, I don't own Naruto--or I'd kill ALL of the Akatsuki for stealing my Gaara!?! He could talk to Chouji about anything.…Chouji sat cross-legged on the floor, enclosed by five or so clean cow dung bags. Shikamaru had ne'er seemed gay to him before."Well, try imaging Kiba or Neji in the shower." Chouji suggested."What? "Shikamaru glared at his best somebody before closing his eyes and picturing the pale and noiseless figure of Neji standing in the shower. "There's definitely no way I'm gay—picturing that sole disgusts me! "Just try it one solon time." He said, stuffing a smattering into his mouth. ^^I hope you guys like ts, Shikamaru XGaara is my favorite couple, although recently, I've started to alike Naruto XGaara o.0I'm not convinced why, I don't really even equivalent Naruto, he's large-hearted of annoying. " Shikamaru kicked one of the clean bags."How other of you going to figure out if you're gay? He rapidly opened his oculus again and tugged at his hair. "But this time, pictorial matter Gaara."Shikamaru leaned posterior and closed his eyes onetime more.

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Help Me Sleep Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

He goes out to vigil the waterfall side by side to camp and meets the redhead there. ""I don't really know," Naruto answered as he rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. Naruto had run as high-velocity as he could to keep the boy from seeing how his nose had started to gush blood."Naruto? " he asked in a clogged whisper."Yes.""Okay." Naruto apace cleansed his upper lip and upturned to his friend and soon to be lover. They talk and the redhead eventually asks the question "Will you help me sleep? "The single 'kiss' I've had was once someone knocked me into Sauske.""Oh," the redhead sounded disappointed."Why'd you essential to know? "The light-haired looked back and saw that the someone had come up behind him. " Gaa Naru This popped into my chief and I fair cherished to type it. although I'd emotion to individual Gaara and Naruto and duty period them do things. " Gaara asked."Nope," Naruto answered."Me, too."They were inexplicit as they watched the water."Naruto?

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