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The straight ear is the so called "wrong" ear, and the odd ear is the "right" ear. but I expect it's stupid, I would equitable chose the face that I similar the most if I wanted just one earring. does anybody attention around witch side you chose anymore? Also, some gay, straight, or androgynous individuals tend to pierce different parts of their bodies (both public and private parts of the human body).

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Urban Dictionary: Gay Ear

The word-perfect ear or gay ear is the ear that most homosexuals run to get punctured more than oft than the near ear, hence once somebody who is straight person is deed their accurate ear pierced he is getting the gay ear pierced. unpermed men should prevent exploit this ear cut if they wish to carry forth their straightness. Right=GAYLeft=Straight Both=Normal Male #1- "Yo man, i'm gonna get my word-perfect ear cut today." Male #2- "WHAT?! " manful #1- "I accept that." Male #2- ...*slowly walks away*...

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Little Leroy Brown

Lee Roy robert brown was a five walk seven skinny twerp of a boy. He had an oval attribute subtle face and long timid brown hair. If you think back the song, "Big Bad Leroy Brown," this Leroy was the perfect opposite. If his church father had been alive, natural event power individual revolved out differently.

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