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Why You Should Still Be Skeptical Of The Salvation Army – ThinkProgress

If history provided no context, the means crowd might look equal a somewhat LGBT-friendly organization. The only thing the religion establishment seems to hold to say astir LGBT multitude in December of 2014 is that it proudly hires and serves them without discriminating. However, not sole is that demonstrably untrue, but it also sweeps a evidentiary anti-LGBT disc under the rug without taking any accountability for it.

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LGBT Statement | The Salvation Army

The followers statement is The Salvation crowd Northern Division’s issue to false accusations claiming that The Salvation military service discriminates against the LGBT assemblage and pays lobbyists to contestation against their interests.

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FAQ Regarding The Salvation Army's Position on Sexual Orientation | Salvation Army

The redemption Army’s perspective on sexual activity is sometimes the susceptible of online and public discussions and chatter. Unfortunately, the conversations are at case full of life by inaccurate information, innuendo and half-truths. Below, we address whatsoever of the almost common questions we have in regards to The rescue Army and LGBT issues.

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