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SparkNotes: Complete Text of The Hairy Ape: Scene VI

[He sits, the essay in the handwriting at his side, in the position of Rodin's "The Thinker." A pause. on the spur of the moment yankee jumps to his feet with a furious groan asif around experience thought had crashed on him—bewilderedly.] Sure— goes out—hot as hell—breakin' out in de night—[While he hasbeen spoken language this next-to-last he has jolted his cell door to a clangingaccompaniment. As he comes to the "breakin' out" he seizes one barwith some force and, putting his two feet up against the others sothat his position is parallel to the level same a monkey's, hegives a outstanding wrench backwards. The bar bends corresponding a licoricestick below his wonderful strength.

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SparkNotes: Complete Text of The Hairy Ape: Scene III

Rivulets of jet sweat get traced maps on their backs. The fiery light floods complete their shoulders as they motion round forthe coal. [At thislast all the men, who have followed his movements of exploit intoposition, throw open their furnace doors with a deafening clang.

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YANK, a fireman, the central fictitious character in The Hairy Ape (real name henry m. robert Smith). Yank, at the beginning of the use is an ugly, squat, truculent, almost primate figure, the leader of all the firemen on board an unnamed steamship. He glories in his capability and identifies himself with the system he serves.

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