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Rollei 35 · Lomography

The Rollei 35 was actually what got me into Lomography. piece perusing different articles on the Internet, I someways stumbled across an article on the Rolleiflex and then I of a sudden remembered that I had a Rollei 35 in my assemblage that I had found time I was improvement — one of the several vintage cameras that my granddad had owned. earlier this rediscovery of analog photography, I thought digital was the only practical way to go and that only a few hardcore cinema junkies still used analog and improved it in their darkrooms at school.

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1950's 35mm slides--how to put on my computer? - Straight Dope Message Board

Like many a big posters here, our house has thousands of 35mm slides we took in the 1950s-60s. There are photo stores that message the service of transferring slides and old home movies onto data CD's or DVD. One method you could try is to task the slides (if you silent get a projector) and act extremity photos of the images. Having a photo store (or Rite-Aid or Wal-Mart or whoever) do the soul is always a possibility; but with thousands of slides it might be cheaper to get a convertor like the one at Amazon, oe else do the DIY set-up in the new link. I'd like to put them on the computer so my 89 year old mom can see them(eyesight failing). there were flatbed scanners (sheet of paper or book lies flat) that had a lid or concealing with a noncurrent light. with thousands of slides or photos to scan location are services that do it for a antitrust price. photography and touching up the resulting images sucks, specially with cheaper scanners without digital ICE. The answer for you will depend upon how many slides, what condition they are in, what your expectations for image level are, and how untold you want to spend. There's likewise an device you can put on the end of your SLR lens. Put the slide in, aim it at a light source, and snatch the pic.

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Tommy Dreamer on House of Hardcore 35 | The Wrestling Estate

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