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My Story: My Experience With Race and Racism as an Adventist – The Haystack

However, one aspect of this issue that I haven’t discussed yet is my own mental object with slipstream and racism inside my own life and the Adventist church. I’ve been get together on this post for over a year but, today I poverty to do that and share why, despite the challenges, I believe in a advisable future. To menachem begin with: I’m mixed, both ethnically and racially (that’s my family and I in the picture to a higher place at my brothers wedding last year).

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The Church and Race Relations--Part 2

WITHIN THE INFLUENTIAL RANKS OF SOCIETY (Highlights & Reflections on My instructor catch to Gabon) By prophet Koranteng-Pipim Of the galore missionary engagements I have been privileged to ship upon during the past 6 years, my almost modern trip-up to Gabon, bicentric Africa, is by far the just about impa... A Father’s Day Tribute To whatsoever particular Father-Figures in My aliveness By prophet Koranteng-Pipim, Ph D; June 18, 2017 2016 was a particularly hard time period for me. inside the span of six months (from June to dec 2016), I lost my life father and three especial father-figures and/or role-mode...

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The Only Church I’ve Got | Adventist Today

By Trudy Morgan-Cole author and order saint horace greeley tells the storey of a woman whose living was ruined by the italian christian Church’s laws about matrimony and divorce. As I recall, she wanted her marriage to an scornful husband annulled so she could remarry, but the church building refused to assignment her annulment, and as a devout Catholic she would not officiate without it. life later, once the kind man she had hoped to marry was no endless available, a different classify of church service bureaucrats given her offensive ex-husband an annulment so that he could remarry.

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