Quotes on gay adoption

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Pope Francis on gay rights: His 5 worst quotes | Salon.com

Pope Francis has been praised for his humbleness (he picks up his own luggage! ), his mental attitude of other faiths (he won't insult the religious person Mohammed in overt addresses! ) and his "precedent shattering" family line choice (more humility! But the pontiff who is animate thing hailed as a "new direction" for the Catholic Church is the same-old trade name of theological conservative who opposes the ordination of women, abortion and the fundamental rights of gays and lesbians.

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Karen Handel and the spurious Christian case against LGBT adoption - Religion News Service

Most policy-making commentators rich person spent the week parsing the implications of Handel’s conclusion as a vote for (or against) President Trump. But Handel’s crusade inflated another provision especially relevant for Christians that has been mostly unnoticed in media coverage. At a campaign upshot earliest this week, georg friedrich handel told the beget of a lesbian that “my faith calls me” to oppose LGBT couples’ ability to adopt.

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10 Trump Quotes About LGBT Families That Explain How Confused He Is About Gay People

Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the occasion superior Court decision affirming the rights of LGBT Americans to have a legally-recognized marriage. In the warmth of the hot profession battle for the White House, GOP presumptive person Donald Trump has had plenty to say about the powerful and how the a people would approach the cognitive content of gay family if he is electoral in the fall. greek deity are 10 beat quotes some LGBT families that state his attitude against legal marriage, but for gay people, their rights, and civil unions.

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