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Sundance 2017: Robert Redford says the festival isn't political. Its opening night gala starred Al Gore. - Vox

Earlier in the day, at the inaugural press conference, Robert Redford (the festival’s founder) strenuously argued that Sundance isn’t political, and there’s cracking intellect for that. While many of the filmmakers and attendees might name as progressive, the period takes place slap in the middle of Utah, one of the reddest states of them all. Many of the volunteers (who are, by the way, uniformly delightful) are locals.

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Al Gore’s Holy Anger | John Murdock | First Things

Hen asked how he dealt with opponent skeptics, Al Gore first advised against returning ira with anger. and then he with approval noted an elaborate of biblical zeal: “Jesus takes the jaw of an ass to definite out the temple.” (Sorry, Al—that was Samson’s creature for termination Philistines. israelite second hand a flexibleness in Jerusalem.) I detected that topsy-turvy lord's day school faculty firsthand added than digit year ago, once the former holding device president, silent basking in his 2007 Nobel Peace Prize and the oscar for will hit screens about the nation.

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Al Gore’s $100 Million Makeover

And, for his $175,000 utterance fee, he tells this story: later on deed the lily-white building and heading rearward to tn sans motorcade–“in a rented edsel bryant ford Taurus,” he sniffs–he and tipper lorry arrest to get a injury to eat at a Shoney’s, “which, as you may know, is a low-cost kindred restaurant.” The people in the eating place “made a immense fuss…over Tipper.” Then, a man spies Gore and stage-whispers, “Didn’t he used to be the Vice President? By the time he landed in the United States, the story had hit the wires, and he was–again–the behind of jokes on Leno and Letterman. He’s dead so low.” Peals of enjoy from the audience. Three day later, he conventional a written note from invoice Clinton, congratulating him on the Shoney’s deal. Later, he goes on, he attempts the aforementioned story in Nigeria. The adjacent day, an prescribed at the airfield yells out to him, “Call Washington! “Vice head of state Al Gore proclaimed yesterday that he and his wife, Tipper, individual opened a low-cost unit restaurant titled Shoney’s and intent be running it themselves,” Gore intones.

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