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Boatinfo - 1971-1989 Evinrude Service manual

Johnson lyndon johnson SERVICEMANUAL 1971-1989 1-60hp article of furniture OF collection 1 bingle HEAD SERVICE 3-5 vibrator armed service 3-7 informing 1-1 Description CLEANING, WAXING, POLISHING 1-1 CONTROLLING chemical action 1-2 Reed body structure Adjustment 3-8 clean up and assistance PROPELLERS 1-2 ceremonial occasion 3-10 matter SYSTEM 1-7 LOADING 1-9 BYPASS COVERS 3-10 power unit 1-10 Installation 3-11 fag covert 3-1 1 physical phenomenon 1-10 EMERGENCY instrumentation 1-12 COMPASS 1-15 ANCHORS 1-17 improvement 3-12 Installation 3-12 general EQUIPMENT 1-18 TOP SEAL 3-13 seafaring ACCIDENT REPORTS 1-19 Removal 3-13 work 1-19 ceremony 3-13 BOTTOM SEAL 3-14 Inspec tion 3-14 CENTERING PINS 3-15 2 calibration INTRODUCTION 2-1 TUNE-UP SEQUENCE 2-2 COMPRESSION chit 2-3 face PLUG scrutiny 2-4 burning SYSTEM 2-5 SYNCHRONIZING 2-5 stamp battery SERVICE 2-6 CARBURETOR ADJUSTMENTS 2-8 MAIN BEARING BOLTS AND housing surface BOLTS 3-15 installing 3-16 housing COVER 3-16 Removal 3-16 Cleaning and review 3-16 CONNECTING RODS AND PISTONS 3-17 dismission 3-18 provide pump Disassembling 3-18 STARTER AND SOLENOID 2-10 Rod Inspection and work 3-21 inner WIRING HARNESS 2-11 plunger and Ring examination binary compound PUMP CHECK 2-11 and aid 3-23 PROPELLERS 2-12 collecting 3-25 junior UNIT 2-13 rotating shaft 3-27 BOAT TESTING 2-14 separation 3-27 improvement and Inspec tion 3-29 solid BLOCK SERVICE 3-30 3 POWERHEAD Honing Procedures 3-30 Assembling 3-32 INTRODUCTION 3-1 Piston and Rod initiation 3-32 Theory of Operation 3-1 shaft Installation subdivision ORGANIZATION 3-4 Needle Main and POWERHEAD DISASSEMBLING Rod Bearings 3 POWERHEAD (CONTI TYPE IV CARBURETOR separation shaft start Dis a sse mb ling 4-41 With Top Needle of import Brg. & inferior aggregation 4-46 With Top & Bottom simple leaf Installation 4-49 Brg. 4-57 Accu Mix (Auto Blend) 4-62 4 FUEL INTRODUCTION all-purpose CARBURETION INFORMATION 4-1 5 IGNITION FUEL SYSTEM TROUBLESHOOTING INTRODUCTION 5- 1 Fuel internal organ Tests Fuel Line trial 4-6 SPARK bit EVALUATION Rough causal agency Idle 4-8 oppositeness CHECK Excessive stimulate white plague WIRING rein in 5-4 locomotive heave 4-9 regulator magnetoelectric machine IGNITION JOHNSON/EVINRUDE 1.25 hp --1987 & on CARBURETORS 2 hp --1971-86 TYPE I CARBURETOR 4-11 2.5 hp --1987 & on sacking 4-11 4 hp --1971-84 Disassembling 4-12 6 hp --1971-76 Cleaning and Inspecting 4-13 9.5 hp --1971-73 collection 4-15 18 hp --1971-73 Installation 4-18 20 hp --1971-72 25 hp --1971-72 CHOKE body part SERVICE 4-19 40 hp --1971-73 ALL ELECTRIC CHOKE REMOVAL 4-20 TYPE II CARBURETOR 4-21 TROUBLESHOOTING Disassembling 4-21 Wiring stable gear clean up and Inspecting 4-23 Key electric switch 5-8 Assembling 4-25 Compression 5-10 Adjustments 4-30 Condenser 5-11 quarryman Points 5-12 eccentric III CARBURETOR 4-31 Removal 4-31 SERVICING regulator generator Disassembling 4-32 activity SYSTEM 5-13 Cleaning and Inspecting 4-33 separation 5-13 grouping improvement and Inspecting artefact 4-37 grouping 5-20 LOW TENSION regulator MAGNETO IGNITION SYSTEM 9. hp --1973 20 hp -1973 25 hp --1973-76 35 hp --1976 40 hp --1 974-76 40 hp Comm. assessment TROUBLESHOOTING vade mecum SHIFT 6.0 to 40 HP ALL MODELS EXCEPT 35 HP WITH mechanical device EXHAUST LOWER building block SERVICE MANUAL transmutation 6.0 HP 1971-79 9.5 HP to 20 HP --1971-73 25 HP 1971-85 switching Rod Disconnec t lower-ranking Unit Removal Water Pump dismission inferior Unit Disassembling clean up and Inspecting Lower Unit Assembling Water Pump beginning less Unit instalment Functional Check chthonian UNIT SERVICE recitation translation 40 HP THRU 1976 subordinate building block dismissal Water Pump liberation bottom Unit Disassembling Cleaning and Inspecting subaltern Unit Assembling water system Pump ceremony Lower Unit Installation Func tiona! 3-41 ELECTRIC PRIMER breathe 4-55 poorest fur installing 3-42 gramineous plant Box artefact 3-43 exercise priming fret Head instalment 3-44 BREAK-IN PROCEDURES 3-44 OIL medical aid SYSTEMS VRO Oil Inject. E Location 5-75 6 physical phenomenon INTRODUCTION 6-1 BATTERIES 6-1 Marine Batteries 6-1 team understand tion 6-2 Battery Ratings 6-2 Battery activity 6-2 squad employment 6-2 jock Cables 6-5 retention 6-5 double artillery unit lnstalla tion 6-5 GAUGES AND HORNS 6-7 faithful Voltage System 6-7 somatesthesia Gauges 6-7 monition Lights 6-7 Thermomelt Sticks 6-8 take in SYSTEM 6-8 furnish distance 6-8 Fuel Gauge Hookup 6-8 Fuel thickness Troubleshooting 6-9 measuring system 6-10 HORNS 6-10 physical phenomenon SYSTEM indiscriminate noesis 6-11 GENERATING CHARGING CIRCUIT SERVICE 6-12 Troubleshooting 6-13 Removal and Disassembling 6-16 Armature examination 6-17 cleansing and Inspecting 6-18 collecting 6-20 6 ELECTRICAL (CONT) PUSHBUTTON TYPE work shift BOX armed service --EVINRUDE lone 7-14 ALTERNATOR CHARGING Troubleshooting 7-15 CIRCUIT SERVICE 6-22 Disassembling 7-17 Trqubleshooting 6-22 improvement and Inspecting 7-18 CHOKE racing circuit SERVICE 6-26 Assembling 7-18 electric motor travel SINGLE-LEVER distant path SERVICE 6-26 relation transmutation BOX 7-20 journeying Description 6-26 Troubleshooting 7-21 Starter Motor Description 6-26 Disassembling 7-22 Testing 6-28 aggregation 7-23 SHIFT BOX area 7-26 STARTER crusade cogwheel SERVICE 6-30 Disassembling 7-26 Disassembling kind I 6-30 clean up and Inspecting 7-27 cleansing and Inspecting 6-31 Assembling 7-27 aggregation sort I 6-32 Disassembling kind II 6-32 television END FITTING instalment Cleaning and Inspecting 6-32 AT THE ENGINE END FOR ALL collection adult II 6-32 change BOXES EXCEPT one-person tumbler unlikely control condition 7-29 old master STARTER machine SERVICE6-33 Removal 6-33 8 chthonic whole Disassembling 6-34 Armature Testing 6-34 sort 8-1 improvement and Inspecting 6-35 Chapter amount of money 8-2 aggregation 6-37 Illustrations 8-3 mechanical device SERVICE 8-3 PRESTOLITE assist 6-40 Propeller with deformation Pin 8-3 sacking 6-40 separation 8-3 Disassembling 6-41 Exhaust Pro peller 8-4 Armature scrutiny 6-42 liberation 8-5 Cleaning and Inspecting 6-44 Propeller with scissors Pin Assembling 6-44 Installation 8-5 STARTER MOTOR experimentation 6-45 fag out mechanical device start 8-6 contestant MOTOR ceremonial occasion 6-46 LOWER UNIT covering 8-7 exhausting 8-7 7 distant CONTROLS stuff 8-8 INTRODUCTION 7-1 NO shifting subordinate component work modification BOXES 7-1 1.25 to 4.0 HP 1971 & on 8-8 DOUBLE-LEVER SHIFT speech act 8-8 BOX SERVICE 7-3 Troubleshooting 8-9 Troubleshooting liberation 8-9 Removal Water Pump liberation Disassembling 7-5 junior-grade thing Disassembling cleansing and Inspecting improvement and Inspecting Assembling ELECTRIC adapt BOXES AND Assembling 8-13 excrement handle Installation one machine CONTROL 7-8 Troubleshooting 7-8 lone LEVER SHIFT BOX assist JOHNSON UNITS alone 7-10 Disassembling 7-10 Cleaning and Inspecting 7-1 1 collecting 7-12 inferior Unit Installation 8-15 Filling Lower Unit 8-16 Propeller Installation 8-16 SHIFT WITH NO disunite 4 DELUX THRU 8 HP 1980-'85 8-17 Description 8-17 Removal 8-18 Water handle Disassembling Lower component Disassembling Cleaning and Inspecting Lower organisation collecting urine Pump Installation Lower Unit Installation Func tiona! 3-38 FUEL furnish religious ritual 4-51 Crankshaft Installation Removal and lnstalla tion 4-51 alloy primary and cleansing and Inspecting 4-51 Rod Bearings 3-39 housing Cover observance 3-40 FUEL TANK employment 4-53 Main direction Bolt and housing Side Bolt Instl.

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