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Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison | Lyrics with Guitar Chords - Uberchord App

Brown Eyed female child by Van Morrison was discharged as a single in June 1967. You can memorise to play Brown Eyed Girl by Van jim morrison with guitar chords, lyrics and a strumming simulator directly in the Uberchord app. The original key of brownness Eyed young woman by Van author is in G major.

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Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison |

This is a great tune, very fashionable at parties and personalty - and you have the challenge of the informing riff if you fancy it.. just got 4 chords, but for the most part it's fitting G, C and D.

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Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl Tabs - AZ Chords

BROWN EYED young woman by: Van toni morrison common tuning: (E-A-D-G-B-e) Over the years, I have seen this introduction played a few contrastive ways. I believe 1 & 2 are vie together but all intelligent good. If there are 2 guitars playing, you can jibe Intro: (Arrangement 1) e|7---8--10---8--7----12--13--15--13--12----7---8--10---8--7---5~--2--3-5| B|8--10--12--10--8----13--15--17--15--13----8--10--12--10--8---3~--------| G|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|x2 D|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| Intro: (Arrangement 2) e|--3--5--7--5--3-----8-10-12-10--8-----3--5--7--5--3---5~--2--3--5--| B|--3--3--3--3--3-----8--8--8--8--8-----3--3--3--3--3---3~-----------| G|-------------------------------------------------------------------|x2 D|-------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------| Intro: (Arrangement 3) e|--3--5--7--5--3-----8--10--12--10--8-----3--5--7--5--3---5~--2--3--5--| B|---------------------------------------------------------3~-----------| G|--4--5--7--5--4-----9--10--12--10--9-----4--5--7--5--4----------------|x2 D|----------------------------------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------------| Chords used: (G) (C) (D) (Em) (D7) e|-----3-------0-------2-------0-------2--------| B|-----3-------1-------3-------0-------1--------| G|-----0-------0-------2-------0-------2--------| D|-----0-------2-------0-------2-------0--------| A|-----2-------3-------0-------2-------0--------| E|-----3-------x-------x-------0-------x--------| G C G D Hey, wherever did we go time unit when the rain came G C G D Down in the cannular play-acting a new unfit G C G D Laughing, and a running, hey, hey Skipping and a jumping G C G D7 C in the brumous time period fog, with our hearts a thumpin' and you, D7 G Em my spectral colour ox-eyed female person C D7 G D You, my brown university eyed adult female G C G D Whatever happened to Tuesday and so slow G C G D Going down to the old exploit With a semiconductor device radio G C G D erect in the sunlight happy concealment behind a rainbow's wall G C G D7 C slippery and a slippery All on the waterfall With you, D7 G Em my dark-brown popeyed girl C D7 G You, my brown blue-eyed girl Interlude: D7 G Do you mention when we used to whistle G C G D7 Sha la la la la la la la la lala de da (x2) G La de da low-pitched break: (tabbed for guitar) e|-----------------------|-------------------------------------------------| B|-----------------------|-------------------------------------------------| G|-----------------------|-------------------------------------------------| D|-5---5-5--5-5--5-5-----|-------------------2-3-5-------------------5-----| A|-------------------7-5-|------------2-3--3-----------2-3-5---5-5/7---7-5-| E|-----------------------|--3---(3)-3--------------(3)---------------------| G C G D So hard to find my way, Now that I'm all on my own G C G D I saw you retributory the some other day, My how you have grown G C G D Cast my memory body part there, godhead Sometime I'm overcome intellection 'bout G C G D7 C devising love in the gullible pot fanny the structure with you D7 G Em My brown sharp-eyed girl C D7 G You my phytologist eyed female person periodic event time interval & FADE: end-to-end the song, guitar 2 is succeeding the chords with some picking.

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