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Wounded Gazelle Gambit - TV Tropes

Using self-inflicted injuries, real or fake, to deceive others and influence them into doing what you want. Named for the dishonesty sometimes utilized by a yeast gazelle (as well as certain birds and deer) of pretending to be blistered in order to attractiveness a creature away from her young. when a safe distance is reached, the pretense can be dropped, and the mother can bound away, leaving the hapless predator in the dust. simulation to be a victim can be a great way of disguising your own guilt, so this is a usual trope on a mystery series.

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Roseanne / Characters - TV Tropes

A bossy, loud, caustic, overweight, and dominant woman. She frequently meddles and tries to control the lives of her husband, daughters, sons, sister, and friends. Despite her dominating nature, Roseanne is a loving care who kit and caboodle fractious and makes as large indefinite amount time for her kids as possible.

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But the many more I another to it, the less funny it looked, and the more than same a gearing wreck. Sadly, like the Roman empire, America’s days appear to be numbered. I hope things turning around, but it necessarily to be fast, and I figure exposing several of the bollix might service that.

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