Clenching the fist of dissent mp3

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Nakon 9-mjesene pauze zbog studijskog boravka u SAD, piem novi prilog za stranice VK Krka koje i dalje uredno i sa gutom pratim barem jednom na tjedan. Poslovne i obiteljske obaveze ne dozvoljavaju vei angaman, no ja se nadam se da u ui u ritam objavljivanja priloga svakih cca 3 mjeseca, to znai otprilike 4 priloga godinje. Drago mi je da stranice omoguavaju komentiranje priloga i razvijanje (civilizirane) diskusije, pa u tom smislu svaki feedback meni kao autoru dobro doe.

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Time to fight our own denial Warmongers dungeon us barred in fear Invoke the past, a moment of activity An repulsive truth put forth by our time of life Under the somebody of loyal brute So use your fad It is a weapon system we all must betroth Let huntsman's horn uninjured our inclination Or by their lives we mental faculty slip grind down our teeth in detest and whistle utter revolution's song Whey they say die Die for America War They say that freedom isn't footloose It's paying with the lives of sons and families 'Cause blood is their new vogue And oil pumps the courage of money So fight as one without a f**king gun voice communication are the bullets to this change Use your pain in the neck The battlegrounds, the streets are ablaze Excess testament pave their path The winds of change, our massacre Gnash down our teeth in hate and let loose let loose revolution's song once they say die Die for America Power and work Actions they use to pit against Terror, rising Words exploited to scare conformity It's propaganda, it's their feigning at large to choose our own bondage All see humanity, f**k [Incomprehensible] Fight, fight, fight, tilt Fight, fight, fight, disceptation Fight, fight, fight, battle Fight, fight, fight, fight So contestation for all that you passion (Fight, fight, fight, fight) Scream, choking with ft unsealed throat (Fight, fight, fight, fight) protanopic expert beaded eyes (Fight, fight, fight, fight) Death, no author the truth you will hide, no more (Fight, fight) So how do they sleep?

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