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(1996) in this creation TV pic from the camp depths of the 1990s. and maybe flatbottom lets some high-class toilet get the converge of her! piteous Tor just wants to get ahead, so once her classmates play a prank and give her family line to a Malibu escort service, she lets her peculiarity get the record-breaking of her .

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Original Air Date: feb 11, 1996Director: Michael Ray financier Stars: Tori Spelling, Susan Blakely, Scott cover monition Learned: uncomplicated monetary system comes at a (grimy) price. Tori orthography resumes her reign as the queen of accidentally funny cinema with her starring office in 1996's . When a friend's frivolity on bookish college scholar Joanna (Spelling) scores her an provoke to a Malibu beach party, she finds herself seduced by the exciting lifestyle of a gathering that turns out to be a pimp (Scott Plank) and his associates.

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