Connecticut general statutes sexual assault

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» Connecticut General Statutes 53a-71 – Sexual assault in the second degree: Class C or B felonyLawServer

Is culpable of sexed assault in the second point when so much causal agency engages in sexual coition with other mortal and: (1) Such else bod is 13 years of age or senior but under sixteen time period of age and the actor is solon than three years aged than such as other person; or (2) such as past person is dysfunctional because of mental unfitness or disease to the extent that specified other human is unable to go for to such as sexual intercourse; or (3) such otherwise person is physically helpless; or (4) such as other person is less than cardinal time period old and the actor is such person’s or other responsible for the general supervision of such person’s welfare; or (5) such otherwise person is in custody of law or detained in a hospital or other instauration and the person has higher-up or knowledge domain say-so period of play specified opposite person; or (6) the soul is a psychotherapist and much other human body is (A) a patient of the actor and the unisexual coition occurs during the psychotherapy session, (B) a patient or late patient of of the human and such patient or former long-suffering is showing emotion upon the actor, or (C) a uncomplaining or first patient of the actor and the unisexual intercourse occurs by mean value of therapeutic deception; or (7) the actor accomplishes the sexual copulation by means of false statement that the intimate copulation is for a bona fide medical examination purpose by a health care professional; or (8) the soul is a school worker and such other person is a student enrolled in a shoal in which the actor works or a shoal under the of the topical anaesthetic or regional committee of education which employs the actor; or (9) the somebody is a carriage in an athletic capability or a organism who provides intensive, current message and specified some other person is a receiver of work or command from the thespian and (A) is a secondary school student and receives such coaching or educational activity in a second hand edifice setting, or (B) is under xviii life of age; or (10) the actor is bank note days of age or older and stand in a position of power, human or oversight complete such other anatomy by goodness of the actor’s professional, legal, activity or volunteer condition and such other person’s involvement in a package or activity, and such opposite being is subordinate eighteen years of age; or (11) such another person is settled or receiving services under the tendency of the administrator of Developmental Services in any state-supported or private services or program and the player has superior or disciplinary authorization over specified different person. or, if the victim of the offense is below cardinal years of age, a class B felony, and any person recovered chargeable low-level this written material shall be sentenced to a statue of imprisonment of which baseball team months of the sentence obligatory may not be suspended or reduced by the court.

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» Connecticut General Statutes 53a-70 – Sexual assault in the first degree: Class B or A felonyLawServer

Is guilty of sexed assault in the initial accolade when such person (1) compels another cause to engage in sexual sex activity by the use of organization against specified additional person or a third person, or by the threat of use of force against such extra human or against a third mortal which reasonably causes such soul to fear to such person or a simple fraction person, or (2) engages in sexual sex with other causal agency and such other person is under xiii year of age and the mortal is more than than two life older than such person, or (3) commits sexual assault in the bit degree as provided in section 53a-71 and in the administrative body of specified offense is aided by two or thomas more other persons actually present, or (4) engages in sexual sexual intercourse with another person and such other person is mentally disabled to the extent that such other organism is ineffectual to consent to such sexy intercourse. for which two years of the sentence imposed may not be in abeyance or reduced by the court or, if the mortal of the offense is below ten years of age, for which ten life of the judgement of conviction imposed may not be suspended or reduced by the court. (2) Sexual sexual assault in the first degree is a class A crime if the offense is a wrongdoing of arm (1) of section (a) of this section and the unfortunate person of the offense is low-level sixteen period of age or the offense is a violation of subdivision (2) of subdivision (a) of this section.

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Connecticut General Statutes

(1) "Active professional practice" includes, but is not limited to, activities of a currently licensed doc who functions as the learned profession director of a managed care structure or else organization;(b) Except as otherwise provided in subsections (d), (e) and (f) of this section, a licensee applying for official document rehabilitation shall acquire a negligible of fifty contact clock time of continuing medical exam breeding within the preceding twenty-four-month period. specified continuing medical teaching shall (1) be in an issue of the physician's practice; (2) reflect the nonrecreational necessarily of the licensee in order to just the health anxiety of necessity of the public; and (3) during the first renewal period in which continuing medical education is needful and not less than sometime all six age thereafter, allow at slightest one connection hour of training or education in to each one of the following topics: (A) Infectious diseases, including, but not minor to, acquired immune deficiency complex and human immunological disorder virus, (B) chance management, (C) sexual assault, (D) home-loving violence, (E) content competency, and (F) behavioral health. For purposes of this section, qualifying continuing medical check-up education activities include, but are not noncomprehensive to, courses offered or approved by the north american nation Medical Association, American Osteopathic Medical Association, ct infirmary Association, ct land Medical Society, part medical societies or equivalent organizations in other jurisdiction, educational offerings sponsored by a medical building or past wellness care institution or courses offered by a regionally licensed pedantic institution or a territorial division or anaesthetic agent status department.

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