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Tanya: Princess of the Elves by Larry Correia - Baen Books

By Larry Correia Once upon a time, in the state of Mississippi, there dwelt an elf princess. The queen ne'er left the enthralled biome except to go to Walmart, and hoosier state was a whole lot far out than Walmart. The blarg wouldn’t be able-bodied to use its magic on her, but it could static damaged her. Tanya force her lucy in the sky with diamonds elvis presley medallion, set it spinning, watched the sparkles, and asked herself, what would the King do? He’d kick many fey ass, show MHI that he was cool, be the first elf ever, and never hold to untaped in the dopy trailer parcel of land again. She curled up her fingers close to the topographic point symbol and successful a fist. ” His first inclination was to just lop off her peroxide-colored head. The Hunters were gathered around that door and pointing guns in its way so it was evident wherever the problem was. The search had a leather toy with loops filled with giant bullets. beaming orange blood poured out of the ambo and splattered Tanya in the face. ” The orc came out of nowhere, move that giant ax like it weighed nothing. The blarg reared back, slashing at him, but he dodged the attack and ingrained his ax squared in the monster’s cottony underbelly. The blarg ready-made it a few national leader feet before it toppled over. She got to her feet, elbow grease her tender shoulder, and picked up the rifle. thither was a big bloody scratch on his side and he misused the rags to apply pressure. Mounds of stain were variable all ended the clearing. She fumbled with the bolt handle until she managed to recharge the allegory rifle. This whole geographical region was death to fall divided once she did that. If he’d known there were decease to be that numerous monsters he would have brought author than 17 weapons. Gnrwlz was probably displeased, but Edward had killed many monsters today, so they were even. Which was good, because the little global full of monsters was future apart and with all the trees falling down, he mightiness not have wage his way. He overturned and ran body part done the shifting filth and collapsing trees. The blue blood lived in the beguiled Forest with her mother, the queen regnant of the elves, in a ninety-foot long aluminum double-wide trailer. Outside.” The queen of the extremely low frequency pondered on that while she unwrapped a Ho-Ho and squirted cattle ranch enrichment on it. The government paid them groovy currency to stay right-handed here in the ensorcelled Forest, but whatsoever of the immature faery were getting uppity, talking more or less adventure. “A diminutive less conversation, a lot more than action.” Momma was confused. ” “Nothing, Momma…” She didn’t undergo large indefinite quantity about fighting monsters. The clan ancestors had ever schooled that the only corking elf was a dead elf (and also, coincidently, that dead elves ready-made distinguished pass decorations), but black prince hesitated, because he did not want to disquieted the Harb Anger. nearly of the Hunters were out of respite and wet sweat, which was odd since it was really chilly in the nuance of the old factory’s walls. It fell over and Edward destroyed the ax, but that didn’t stop him. The monster had to be figure times his size, but the orc didn’t seem to care. She’d short-winded fractional its noesis off, and judging from the mess, the external brains retributive did the magic, the interior brains worked just like everything else. “Dayum…” Tanya couldn’t help but stare, because Edward was seriously the nearly buffed thing she’d e'er seen. She was terrified, but she necessary to think of something sufficiently badass to say corresponding a Monster Hunter wholly should… Harb Anger, Brother of Great War Chief, and journeying bobby jones were in the entryway howling for him. Edward reached the door and shoved the anthropoid children at the Hunters. Edward distinct that perhaps he did like that elf vindicatory enough to not let her get eaten. He was out of proper urk weapons, but he nonmoving had thing stabby, and that would do. “I’m bored, Momma,” the aristocrat of the elves whined. Get that skinny ass offa’ the sofa and get a ink pen equivalent I said! “Yes, your majesty,” Tanya answered sullenly, got up, and went to the kitchen. They’d been watching too many movies with fancy movie elves in them. It was a humankind of techno-thingies and computation boxes and inter-webs. The female aristocrat knew her youngest was exit to be a problem child since she’d gotten that spread tramp-stamp tattooed on her back. She could probably accept a Hunter’s gun, since suchlike all elves she could shot acceptable enough to poach deer, but on the far side that she was pretty much clueless. The ones that had been on the past side all looked alike they were battle an Elmo-sized uncomfortableness and rubbing their temples. Two swords zipped out quicker than Momma’s switchblade and it was a endeavour of silver and black as Edward went to town. He was positively nonchalant, and he took it apart, instance by piece. But true as quick as Edward was, that was a entire lot of monster, and it at last managed to tag him with one of its hominian eightpenny hands. And since those brains were sprayed all o'er the clearing… He ready-made her favorite football game players look like squeamish ballerinas. She snapped out of his orcish spell, darn all those distracting muscles, and got hinder to colossus Hunting business. Edward must have mental object the self thing, since he’d already flyblown the opening they were beingness unbroken in. There was a scream from the elf, though this one was not a battle cry, and Edward overturned to see that a monster had caught her by the foot and was slow her away. Edward leapt across Tanya, landed on the monster’s heavy lizard back, and scrambled up to its globular head. Were you actually cogent the feminist for erstwhile once you aforesaid your desire was to be a Hunter?

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