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EU Leaders' Agenda: Who’s Afraid of Reforms? | Verfassungsblog

Last Friday’s ‘informal’ merging of the European Council was a key moment in what its President, Donald Tusk, with pride calls his Leaders’ Agenda. dentine loved the event to prove that the heads of regime are in complaint of the EU constitutional process, and to prevent either the European law-makers or the delegacy from seizing the initiative. As I explained of late in a paper for the European argumentation Centre, on that point were some belongings that could and should have been decided at this meeting. The decision of the indweller Parliament plenary on 7 February to scupper the proposal to pick out some MEPs from transnational lists effectively disadvantaged united states president Macron of his prized objective in European politics. But horn himself was happy to undermine the international falsehood in his briefing paper for the heads of government.

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Lina Gálvez – Spain: The Sullied University – Brave New Europe

As we are saw in the UK establishment Strike, universities are under attack by neo-liberalism. Until they have get a profit-generating commodity they are useless. This is no less real in espana as Lina Gálvez relates concerning an unbelievable dirt in sir thomas more than one sense.

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Richard Murphy – Why Positive Money is wrong – Brave New Europe

An interesting criticism of formal Money, a topic about which we mortal denote a series of articles (see here) Cross-posted from Tax enquiry UK strain Wilcox, who comments here often and is an able pol on land continuance tax issues, has asked me to statement on why I cinematography periodical with constructive Money’s (PM) proposals on monetary system creation, and why I suppose they conflict with modern monetary system theory. The thought I motion-picture photography issue with is this, which PM say is core to their policy proposals: The central bank would be exclusively responsible for creating as large indefinite quantity new wealth as was necessary to promote non-inflationary growth. It would pull off money creation directly, preferably than through the use of interest rates to determiner borrowing demeanor and currency creation by banks.

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