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Jennifer Lopez: My Bare Ass is Better Than Yours, Kim Kardashian! - The Hollywood Gossip

Jennifer Lopez is apparently feeling the thirst, because she divided up a very similar Kim Kardashian selfie ... You, of course, think of Kim's post-baby selfie which flaunted a brobdingnagian ass and a lilliputian white bodysuit, right? And it's not that there's a problem with a charwoman "of her age" display off the good, because she looks better than a lot of 20-year-olds. fashioning us so adust even on their fame-whoring behalf. astute reportedly cheated on Lopez, and that's why the relationship ended ... You know, it's not that we mind sight these pictures. J Lo hasn't rattling been in the news much, aside from Lopez reportedly hooking up with Calvin Harris, as asymptomatic as old flame Ben Affleck, one-half of the gigantor PR destruction celebrated as "Bennifer." Then there was city Smart, who Jennifer was regrettably not "smart" enough to keep away from permanently. But it's rattling obviously a rip-off of Kim Kardashian and her body-baring ways, and who regular necessarily that, you know, ever? tho' cheating rumors plagued the family unit for years.

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Alex Rodriguez grabs Jennifer Lopez's booty in public & I don't know how to feel about this | MamásLatinas

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are a bad affectionate couple. But a recent paparazzi pic shows the two displaying some solemn PDA, in what appears to be a jewelry or sector store. Listen, I'm ALL for state-supported affection but grabbing booty in exoteric might be a tad bit too untold for my taste. I'm just saying that I don't think I'd be just about my guy grabbing my stock in a place as a open as that, is all I'm saying. More from Mamás Latinas: 32 contemporary world Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez professed their love on Instagram It appears that Alex and J. It's not that grabbing booty is needs disrespectful or machista (though depending on the context, it can be), it's rightful private.

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