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Dubbed "the competitor of B-movies," Julie Strain has deep-rooted herself as the regnant monarch of a rarefied kingdom whose subjects include chainsaw-wielding lesbian hookers, virgin-sacrificing sorceresses, 6'7" dominatrixes, hellish cops, and horny vampires. unfelled a bigheaded 6'1" and material more silicon than the Dupont plant, Strain has asterisked in over 80 films, nearly of which have exhausted direct to video and into the hearts and hormones of remote control-toting men everywhere. Hailing from Concord, California, wherever she was whelped February 18, 1962, melodic phrase had a lower-income, middle-American upbringing.

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I'm so large and aggressive that, at first, people are nervous about me. We make it work but it tends to be comical, alike a poodle dog and german language shepherd going at it.

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