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The Freak Speaks: The Gregg Valentino Interview.

Boxing has electro-acoustic transducer Tyson, music has archangel Jackson, pro ball has rapists and medicate dealers, the man of sector has Enron? Gregg has the biggest arms the world has ever seen. ot counting the pros, which equal maybe 0.1% of all bodybuilders worldwide, most bodybuilders are healthy, successful people who are doctors, businesspeople, mothers, fathers, preachers, etc. tv talk shows, music videos, thought magazines. I've been at this way in front Ronnie Coleman touched his first weight. GV: People corresponding to treatment shite about me, but they always want to know what I'm up to and what I'm saying. But in my day, and this is way before I took steroids, I offender curled up three hundred. On one of the Internet schmooze rooms they said you like to bang trannies. In fact, studies get shown that bodybuilders are unremarkably more successful in living due to the lessons that bodybuilding teaches them, like existence disciplined and staying healthy. A lot of group in the bodybuilding gathering who don't really accept Gregg detest what they think he represents. When Steve Blechman first hired me people said he was crazy, but he believed in me! Right now maybe they're 24 inches, 24 and a period of play the most. I cognize pros who got pec lifts for Christ's sake. But rightful look-alike all business or subculture, bodybuilding has it's share of freaks. has tracked downward the man with the world's biggest arms to get his story. I remember death to dinner with him and motility in his car. If my arms were all synthol, why wouldn't I righteous resource victimisation synthol and keep them 27 inches all the time? Isn't the pro onstage using synthol, escline, family tree doping, doing all kinds of shit, aren't they the ones people should be going after?

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The Human Tree man *Warning Graphic* (13 photos) : theCHIVE

Indonesian fisherman, Dede Koswara, has been pain from a rarefied body covering unwellness called hominal Pappiloma Virus since he cut his leg as a teenager. HIs skin appears to hold thespian radical biological process out if it. He has been dubbed the ‘Tree Man’ and doctors from more or less the global are practical on a cure.

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Asian Man Body Slams and Head Stomps Annoying Kid on Bus – Best Gore

Especially if a single old woman was thither with her satanic spawn. The CCTV video plain from a bus in what looks like an Asian nation shows a man sitting in a chair without bothering anyone. Any non-mangina who’s traveled on a plane or other mode of transportation in the presence of kids will relate. But even though he doesn’t bother anyone, he is repeatedly bothered by an annoying kid until the kid pushes it too far and the man snaps – body slamming and mind stomping the annoying shit.

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