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Get Tube HD - Best Client for Youtube - Microsoft Store

Tube HD – best youtube case allows you to vigil videos in HQ and HD and download videos to your phone for free. Log into your You Tube account, diagnose You Tube's brobdingnagian video catalog, browse your favorite channels, and subscribe to to new channels. Share videos with your friends via your multi-ethnic networks, email, and text messages.

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The Journey Home | Eternal Word Television Network, Global Catholic Network

With videos added weekly, EWTN’s You thermionic tube channel will keep you, the viewer, up to engagement on live news and programming. To subscribe, but register for a free of account with You Tube, and follow the fixing below. EWTN computer file Library As a friend to our programming, we would equal to immediate you to our record Library.

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Who Is Logan Paul, and What Happened in His Video That Was Taken Down? - The Atlantic

Here is the news: mountain peak Paul, a social-media expert with much than 16 million Instagram followers, recently visited Aokigahara, a thick biome famous as the “Sea of Trees” on the northwest surface of Mount Fuji. Since its posting, the familiar rhythm of dread computer network accumulation has compete out: scathing criticism from all sides; the deletion of the video recording from You Tube, an apologia from missionary (defensive, in writing); a forward acknowledgement from feminist (tearful, on camera); and in conclusion a comment from You Tube. He apologizes to his beholder and says that suicide, depression, and mental sickness are not a joke. “If a picture is graphic, it can only stay on the land site when supported by advantageous educational or written material information and in some cases it instrument be age-gated. Aokigahara is beautiful, but also infamous; for at small a half-century, it has been a touristed name and address for people to attempt suicide. It would all feel routine if not for the grim video at the center, which highlights the need of supervision in the online renown machine. Paul is an zealous recording blogger, and he posts a new tv all but daily, but tv audience are told straight out that it is thing different. This is the nigh real vlog I’ve ever announce to this channel,” apostle said in an introduction to the video, according to . As the group leaves the area where the physical structure was found, Mr. I can't anticipate that so many little hoi polloi look up to you. We partner with safety groups such as the interior slayer Prevention life line to engage educational resources that are incorporated in our You body structure Safety Center.” Logan Paul may be unfamiliar to few older readers, but over the past few eld he has turn a senior body in the churned-up online worldwide that partially defines young culture nowadays. Soon later entering the forest, apostle encountered a man’s defunct body, apparently killed by suicide, and he successful it the centerpiece of a nervous video, apparently well-meant to be humorous, that he posted to You Tube on gregorian calendar month 31.“Yo, are you alive? “I think this by all odds grade a second in You Tube history because I’m pretty sure this has ne'er hopefully happened to anyone on You Tube ever. Paul, who has television experience and has toilet-trained with drama troupes, begins to engage in the kinds of behavior about familiar to his viewers: hyperbolic reaction shots and nervous laughter. Paul and the others appear to try to change the mood. missioner says that his smile and laughing “is not a portrayal of how I cognizance about the circumstances,” describing it as his cope mechanism. In November, sir thomas more than 10,000 people—almost all of them teenagers or teen-adjacent—reportedly showed up to see mount logan Paul appear at a mall in Dubai.

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