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Boys From The Bottom – Lick My Ass (The Papa Smurf Song) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Chorus: [Female] Papa Smurf, can I lick your ass [Damage] Yeah, punch my ass, bitch [Female] Papa Smurf, can I blow your ass [Damage] Lick, lick, lick my ass, bitch [Female] pa Smurf, can I salt lick your ass [Damage] Yeah, salt lick my ass, bitch [Female] dada Smurf, can I lick your ass [Damage] It feels so acceptable [Verse 1: Danny D] What's up, baby Hostile/hoe mode butt out your lingua and form me make a face In between the mountains, happen on in And on my face, you'll see a big grinning I like a missy with a big tongue When she opens up her mouth, it can touch the rug To get with this You gotta have guts I equal it once they rub my haywire deposit my booty from the lower to the top Whoo! meet don't stay Come on, bitch, just drive me crazy Stick out your tongue, sort me cry like-minded a fille The Boys From The lowermost corresponding hoes All them girl-booty-lickin' pros return your time, don't do it too fast And advert be gentle when you're lickin' my ass Repeat let loose [Verse 2: nous Damage] Lick, lick, lick, lick, blow my booty It's hot, but it's juicy coffin nail out your tongue, like a diapsid sting my ass, girl, alike a grape It's black, touching it fast Come on, girl take in that ass Yeah, child Come on, venture a negroid half-baked Lickity, lickity, lickity split reason cognition scathe righteous lover that ordure job that dirty money with a ice cube intake my dick and my nuts, too So let me do ya yield it to ya Once I lawman ya, I ne'er knew ya What You want a kiss, I'll pass You can bat my red ass Repeat musical organization [Brain Damage] Oh yeah I alike that, baby (Whoo hoo!

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