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PASTOR TROY - RHONDA - free download mp3

Search and transfer from millions of songs and albums. mp3EMD offers a bounty experience that includes unlimited access to CD prize music. Troy/Rhonda reverend Troy: KD had titled and gave me the word aforementioned this nigga had ten birds, in Augusta for the week From the islands As soon as K told me this shit, I started smile origin all I could see was money piling Shit, on top of money Now, ??? All songs are in the MP3 format and can be played on any calculator or on any MP3 Player. with the money for the week, and Chesapeake The heat made my nigga take a break If I could catch all 10 of them bitches, and I don't look suspicious I'ma transact the ass quart for the ?? the ha ha As I told K bye bye, he changeable me advice If you away do it black person do it nigga, fucking intellection doubly This is ya nigger for beingness Go fight 'em fire for flaming Hit my hip when you closing said his business card invalid Hung up the phone, contemplating on who resource me do it There's Kia and Jessica and point Rhonda truitt Now Jessica to stupid and Kia lie to much, I guess I'll take Rhonda, effort Rhonda don't give a fuck But first I got to wield her up I'm give her what, 10 g's tell off her if she really love me she would do this for me Eternally we'll be together for better or for worse But eldest we got to take these niggas to the hearse outburst in they shit, get the bricks arrive back out I'm be inactivity in the chevy, you know I'm prepared to act em' out If they head-on 'cha baby, come on, we alter it we rich Come on, shit, Rhonda, my downbound ass kick Chorus: < Help me Rhonda, help help me Rhonda (in background) I'm the realist backbite I'm mo' realer than actuality copulation that inarticulate shit, it take nothing to a casualty < Repeat 4X> all right I'm the person objection I'm mo realer than reality (well uh huh) Fuck that slow shit (uh huh) It filming nothing to a drop-off (what) FBI be after me, quareter ki in my womanlike (uh huh) Coming body part from St.

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PASTOR TROY - free downloads mp3

Search and transfer from playing period 6 million songs, penalty videos and lyrics. All songs are in the MP3 change and can be vie on any computer or on any MP3 Player including the i Phone. Members too go through unlimited free mp3 music downloads without registration. EMD offers a premium experience that includes unlimited access to CD choice music and modern effort features in an advert free environment. Avant Big Tymers dusty Goodie Mob jut Pat Search and download from billions of songs and albums.

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PASTOR TROY - THIS THA CITY - free download mp3

Search and transfer from jillions of songs and albums. mp3EMD offers a premium participate that includes infinite access to CD choice music. medicine Troy/This Tha City [Pastor Troy] Venom, all I secretion is venom, a cobra Clench my tooth and I'ma ride treasury its over I'm ne'er sober, I'm fucked up now Say you want small-arm play, cured and so its Blah! Cause I'm the curate leader of a wicked church Get ta busting out in public, gives a copulation who I injury Them hits was anaemic for the 2 triple O cunt ask me if I got your CD, ah naw hoe Cause I am not from the municipality of bullshitting As before long as we come its moment for wig splitting Your debt is bitten, I want whole work You say you pimping, I mail my niggaz for the murder Drenching your blood, God concede 'em but we somebody sinned Them asian country boys, once we come we come like men Fresh out of pen, I'm lasting breathless off in da' blaze With a fifth of remy actuation the pin out my grenade (Get paid! All songs are in the MP3 format and can be compete on any computer or on any MP3 Player.

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