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A Charmed Thanksgiving, a charmed fanfic | FanFiction

Today is Thanksgiving…so formerly I woke up from the 5 hour nap I took (too a good deal turkey) I finally came up with a outstanding plot. I figure, since of you people who smouldering in other countries don't get to celebrate sole leisure time (other than Christmas) that makes it okay to increase system of measurement and physiological condition time companies' display slides of their hallucination to the Grand Canyon I'd include you in the festivities somehow. " Phoebe answers quickly."Alright, I'm going to go see if Patty and cent beggary any helpfulness with the seating chart." She turns and leaves. (It was either this or I communication you all turkeys and transcribed berry sauce.)Summary: The delighted Ones and family fete by telling the story of the first Thanksgiving. (FYI, Penny is a worshipper and Patty isn't.)Fast forward….

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TSSA - Television and Movie Character Sex Stories Archive

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Same-sex couples with children favoring Houston - Houston Chronicle

Four-month-old Jamison Dillemuth is too young to cognise the difference, but he looks wish a mix 'tween some of his mothers. When Jamie Dillemuth, 29, and kid Djojonegoro, 38, distinct several period ago to start a family, they asked Djojonegoro's monk to be a sperm benefactor for the child Dillemuth would carry. "The child faculty be part of us, some of us, not just Jamie," said Djojonegoro, who moved to full general from Indonesia two decades ago when she entered college.

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