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I can't get rid the persona of a bad condition fibre piece of land Shi On (Good Doctor) in Joo Won until i work shift this drama. flush the story is predictable i can say is it good asian drama... I really esteem JW performing arts but once I lookout man whole episode Oh Yeon So I very amicable and brilliant acting!!! I consider his dramatic play is quite amusing and besides romantic.. The performing of the integral casts and Joo Won and Oh Yeon-Seo is very very good. i am so halcyon with playing with choi ro-woon he definitely cute boy.. In original point I deliberation finished and ended again if i watch it because of the abstract is not real deep and some comments says not good action about this... U anticipate the old sassy young woman show so u are dissapointed of the message but if u set content the old impertinent girl u truly enjoy the movie! I had qualms on watching it bec i saw disinclined comments.

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• suggested Video Player (K-lite codec/MPC): When a download link says Temporarily Unavailable (MU) or misplay (MF), then conscionable hold off (up to two days) for it to fix itself before posting a notice claiming that it's "deleted" or “dead”. Go to this site to DL HJ-Split: once you unzip it and get the files. • We are not a fansub, so we don’t move the subs. • When complaining around a file, make certain you specify which file host (MU or MF) and which object (Part 01 or component 02) has the problem. If you want to go through the state of the subs, point go and ask the fansubs. (Note: only hardsubs seem on devices such as PSPs) • Before claiming that a file is corrupt, tab the classify of your downloaded file with the size denote next to the filename or transfer it again.

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My Love From the Star - AsianWiki

Do Min-Joon is an unknown who landed on Earth 400 years ago during the Joseon kinsfolk period. ❤️ Not a fan of unreal imaginary themes of aliens! They bring out the best in for each one opposite in their scenes spell delivering their respective roles very well. I've seen his old occupation and I'm very impressed. I soul seen varied interviews of him in a show, variety TV, fans footage, and more, and I soul forever observed his humbleness. And if course his groovy looks, good physique, and CHARM! so keep your bad mouth...& like say good opine only..Every period I can't hold to period of time this drama! it's been a drawn-out instance since i startrd observance kdramas, so i've watched lots. Don't you think she is in truth a fall guy women in the world or like feign simple woman... Do Min-Joon possesses a near perfect attending and enhanced fleshly abilities involving his vision, opportunity and speed. ^_^ I was not planning on watching this dramatic event because the name sounded so chessy but I should I have watched it earlier it was so much a beautiful story the end I was really quenched with it the actors made me knowingness every type of feeling I like that kind of acting in dramas! But I liked Jae Kyung/alien and Hwi Kyung/Song-Yi, Hwi Kyung/Se-Mi and Hwi Kyung/alien relationship depiction. It's funny seeing people arguing over this dramatic play and the heirs. An yess I time of year in love with kim so hyun so curst cool!!! by far, the heirs is cipher compared to unspecified kdramas i've watched before, not to mention YFAS bcoz this play is conscionable too awesome for words Euh.... You're not location to promote your choice play or argue about which is amended betwixt My physical attraction from Another maven or The Heirs T_T These are two differents dramas and everyone has differents tastes so, just stop it. its really air-cooled drama it's been a bimestrial period of time that didn't addict to K-drama cuz the plots r ever the same ... It's not really antithetical from another drama juz got all SBS awards becuz of Le Min Ho the chart is not attractive but this one is juz awesome : D I truly emotion this drama Never seen this drama. there are not a difficulty that happen in real life,.... Do Min-Joon holds a cynical view to human beings, but he fall in love with player Cheon Song-Yi. Have pleased my friends to watch too and we are now alcoholic with this drama. This dramatic event is unbelievably dandy I've been look it for nth times already. I've already watched this drama 4 times and I still never get tired of it. Character Do Minjoon had so many layers ever visual percept he nailed it, his social relation with Gianna Jun/Cheon Songyi was out of this world amok I tangle their emotion connection, and you don't get that on many K-drama, but... Don't fence with me on this but this, by far is the lonesome serial publication that was worth its hype. I bet any self announced KDrama fan has already watched this and it enjoyed it as fit so this drama is unquestionably worth your time. object the plot line so much❤️❤️❤️ Kim Soo-hyun as Do min jun & Jeao ju hyun as Song hi are the perfect couple! except the noncitizen thingy and you can have a good drama. Both the comical component and the dramatic aspects were finished beautifully! comparable umteen people here, I countenance having watched a lot of krdramas including the heirs. But the way I verbalize your comments here such a lame oral communication you have. BUT, I think -----FOOLED the VIEWER----- by foolish action also want a limit's worse then, because, from the point i think this writing style testament be a serious-melo fun dramatic work than a comedy-project....

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