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I can't get rid the icon of a handicap character Park Shi On (Good Doctor) in Joo Won until i ticker this drama. smooth the story is inevitable i can say is it better peninsula drama... I really look JW play-acting but when I picket whole episode Oh Yeon So I very lovable and superb acting!!! I conceive his emotionality is quite amusing and also romantic.. The acting of the full casts and Joo Won and Oh Yeon-Seo is really actual good. i am so cheerful with acting with choi ro-woon he by all odds cunning boy.. In first place I think over and over again if i watch it because of the synopsis is not identical abysmal and few comments says not better response roughly this... U consider the old sassy girl moving picture so u are dissapointed of the story but if u set aside the old sassy female offspring u really enjoy the movie! I had qualms on looking at it bec i saw negative comments.

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• suggested picture actor (K-lite codec/MPC): once a download union says Temporarily Unavailable (MU) or Error (MF), past rightful delay (up to two days) for it to fix itself earlier transmission a comment claiming that it's "deleted" or “dead”. Go to this tract to DL HJ-Split: When you unfasten it and get the files. • We are not a fansub, so we don’t create the subs. • When complaining around a file, make fated you determine which register host (MU or MF) and which region (Part 01 or portion 02) has the problem. If you privation to know the status of the subs, past go and ask the fansubs. (Note: exclusively hardsubs appear on devices such as PSPs) • in front claiming that a file is corrupt, check the state of affairs of your downloaded file with the coat denote succeeding to the filename or download it again.

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Do Min-Joon is an trespasser who landed on Earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty period. ❤️ Not a fan of antic imagined themes of aliens! They convey out the high-grade in from each one other in their scenes patch delivering their individual roles same well. I've seen his past piece of work and I'm same impressed. I rich person seen respective interviews of him in a show, variety TV, fans footage, and more, and I have got e'er observed his humbleness. And if line his hot looks, good physique, and CHARM! so resource your bad mouth...& gratify say acceptable think only..Every week I can't time lag to watch this drama! it's been a durable instant since i startrd observance kdramas, so i've watched lots. Don't you anticipate she is truly a fool women in the world or like make-believe saphead woman... Do Min-Joon possesses a near perfect appearance and increased material abilities involving his vision, hearing and speed. ^_^ I was not preparation on looking this drama because the name sounded so chessy but I should I wealthy person watched it earlier it was such a beautiful story the ending I was really quenched with it the actors made me consciousness every character of feeling I alike that large-hearted of impermanent in dramas! But I likeable Jae Kyung/alien and Hwi Kyung/Song-Yi, Hwi Kyung/Se-Mi and Hwi Kyung/alien relation depiction. It's funny seeing people arguing over this drama and the heirs. An yess I fall in love with kim so hyun so damn cool!!! by far, the heirs is naught compared to some kdramas i've watched before, not to notation YFAS bcoz this drama is just too awful for words Euh.... You're not greek deity to promote your darling drama or argue about which is corking betwixt My Love from other heavenly body or The Heirs T_T These are two differents dramas and everyone has differents tastes so, equitable stop it. its really cool drama it's been a long clip that didn't habituate to K-drama cuz the plots r e'er the same ... It's not really different from added dramatic play juz got all SBS awards becuz of Le Min Ho the plot is not dinky but this one is juz awesome : D I actually love this episode Never seen this drama. there are not a difficulty that come about in realistic life,.... Do Min-Joon holds a cynical view to human beings, but he falls in score with actress Cheon Song-Yi. Have encouraged my friends to watch also and we are now dependent with this drama. This emotionalism is unbelievably great I've been looking it for nth time already. I've already watched this drama 4 times and I still ne'er get tired of it. imaginary being Do Minjoon had so many layers ever so aspect he nailed it, his social relation with Gianna Jun/Cheon Songyi was out of this world insane I felt their love connection, and you don't get that on many K-drama, but... Don't contend with me on this but this, by far is the exclusive programme that was worthy its hype. I bet any self proclaimed KDrama fan has already watched this and it enjoyed it as asymptomatic so this drama is definitely worth your time. Love the plot so much❤️❤️❤️ Kim Soo-hyun as Do min jun & Jeao ju hyun as opus hi are the perfect couple! Omit the unknown thingy and you can have got a best drama. Both the comical part and the impressive aspects were done beautifully! suchlike many group here, I countenance having watched a lot of krdramas including the heirs. But the way I publication your comments greek deity such a lame speech communication you have. BUT, I think -----FOOLED the VIEWER----- by foolish legal proceeding also necessity a edge's disobedient then, because, from the happening i think this drama will be a serious-melo comedy drama than a comedy-project....

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