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Zappa Frank - ( Sexual Harrassment In The Workplace tab )

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own oeuvre and represents their reading of the # #song. You may only use this indian file for clannish study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# Author/Artist: Frank Zappa Title: Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace Album: stringed instrument Transcribed by: Terry Thorne Email: [email protected] tabbed the rhythym and vocalizer in standard tuning, but since I'm so lazy, I tabbed the lead as my #1 is keyed (down 1/2 step). (I think FZ is tuned down, but I'm not sure) And listen to the album as you play or it's gonna be awkward to fall out -|-------------------|----|----------------|---|-----------|------------------| -|-------------------|----|----------------|---|-----------|------------------| -|-------------------|-x4-|----------------|---|------9-8-6|------------------| -|-------------------|----|----------------|-x2|-----------|------------------| -|------7--6---------|----|-----------12-11|---|--7-6------|-x2---------------| -|--9-----------0-7-0|----|-9-7-5--2-------|---|9----------|------------------| B principal bassline (ignore the top two strings:) -|-------------------------------------------|--------------------------------| -|-------------------------------------------|--------------------------------| -|-----13--13---13-12-11------11-9-----------|--------------------------------| -|----------------------------------11-9-----|--------------------------------| -|-11----------------------9--------------11-|--------------------------------| -|-------------------------------------------|--------------------------------| B -|-----------|---|-------------|---|--------|---|-----------------------------| -|-----5---4-|---|-------10-9--|---|----5-4-|---|------12-12-------10--10-----| -|-----4---4-|---|-------9--9--|---|----4-4-|---|------11-11-------9---9------| -|-----3---3-|-x4|-------8--8--|-x2|----3-3-|-x2|------10-10-------8---8------| -|--4--4---4-|---|---9---9--9--|---|-4--4-4-|---|--11--11-11---9---9---9------| -|-----------|---|-------------|---|--------|---|-----------------------------| G2 -|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| -|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| -|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| -|-15/--17p12^^-12/-------19p17p15^^-17b19r17b19^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^r17---------| -|---------------------17-----------------------------------------------------| -|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| G1And now for Mr Zappa...

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Frank Zappa - Sexual Harassment In The Workplace (CD) at Discogs

Track 2 canned July, 1984 @ Jones Beach, New York.[On Back]Manufactured in the USA. evidence 1 recorded December, 1981 @ San Diego, California.

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In 1987 Zappa released a second stringed instrument solo collection, titled "Guitar". This is part of the reason why "Guitar" is a more hard guitar album to listen to. It differs a bit in climate compared to the initial "Shut up 'n play yer guitar" box of 1981. The majority of the solos were recorded during a shorter time-span (1979-1980), the sound of the stringed instrument in the different solos is more alike and the anatolian diatonic scale with a I and II musical note alternation is a great deal used. With the chord alternations, when you drop-off out following what the guitar wants, you at least have the certainty that you can locomote the chord change every one or two bars. The other location is that Zappa in his search for rhythmic and melodic modification here repeatedly turns to sections that are inferior fluid, sometimes to the extent of being aggressive (I noted that some Zappa fans don't appreciate the album, determination it too some and all "sounding alike"; personally it took me a while to get accustomed to the CD, but afterward I did I enjoy it a lot). The C anatolian chord succession here returns once in a 1979 solo, titled "System of edges", as a recollection of "Shut up 'n play yer guitar".

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