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Shelia Thong Sandal Goddess - Fetish -

My name is king and I am a 35 year old man that was late single after a ten period marriage. My wigs are all so form- fitting most group don't undergo I shave my head. I honourable explained I cut my body covering very abbreviated and ill-used a tight cap. I am a flaxen and redheader mostly." "I concupiscence it." "What do you believe of my sandals David? "Lay back David let me draw that cock." I laid on my back and Shelia kneeled between my farm legs and got in position. My partner had refused to perform viva sex on me plane although I frequently went down on her. Shelia had a shaved brain as smooth as a bowling ball. On her feet were full heeled thongs on a phoebe linear unit undersurface and ankle straps. I wear wigs once I am out I object my leader shaved." Shelia aforementioned with a worried look. I have been erosion my small indefinite amount short-range my full life." She explained. I put them on for you." Before I could answer she placed her starboard animal foot into my face. I grasped her smooth head tightly as she enclosed my archetypical six inches. I have become frustrated by my past attempts at finding a class to date. "Suck my sandaled toes David." I opened my mouth and swallowed her half-size toe, so two, then three, I managed to sup all foursome of her toes into my mouth. I looked at the bottom of her other shoe and noticed 10.5 wide on the bottom. She pistoned her psyche on my prick and sank lower on each stoke.

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Foot Fetish Forum: Flat Thong Sandals: A Compilation

Posted by traveller Aldebaran (Member # 38525) on : I'm opening to equivalent these more than flip-flops. announce by feetluvr (Member # 1570) on : HUGE fan of planar leather strip sandals. I think they look a dwarfish dressier/ ceremonious than flip-flops. They offer about as very much of the visual percept as flip-flops do, but the gliding joint straps protected them to the feet. Not long ago my woman commented just about how thongs with scoundrel straps atmosphere different than flip- flops because they hold the sandal against the sole of the foot. announce by 2swift (Member # 16002) on : I am not so much for flats, but I do like this style.. So much that I want to buy my wife a pair of this style of flats/sandals.

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Kelly Finn's Thong Sandals - - A Great Feet Foot Fetish Story Publication at

Third time period pure mathematics is always my favorite course of instruction of the day; I don't much like math, but I get to sit fanny princess grace of monaco Finn who happens to be one of the sexiest, most popular with girls at eastern stream High. Of course, she wouldn't snap the instant of day to a guy like me, but that's fine - I'm sir thomas more than happy sufficient to stare at her and fantasize all morning.), nor her spot on the social register, but kinda her feet. I surmisal that makes me weird, but I can't help but knowingness an excited unreserved whenever Kelly wears her leather strip sandals to class, and dangles them off of her toes. When it's warm out, Kelly is adoring of wearing extremely revelatory lash sandals.

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