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Polite way to say "ass kisser"

I am french and currently working on a screen missive and i need to prove that i am bilingual. I've been going on on how i like the establishment but i wan't to say that i don't hateful to be an ass kisser, what word would you use in that kind of situation? Definition: sycophant, bootlick Synonyms: apple-polisher, ass-kisser, backscratcher, backslapper, bootlicker, brownnose, doter, fawner, flatterer, flunky, kiss-ass, kowtower, lackey, minion, teacher's pet, yes-man, yes-person once writing a letter wherever you need to turn up yourself I'd never include something like-minded that, it intention only weaken your arguments made earlier.

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The Shameless Guide to Kissing Ass and Getting Paid

We have scores of terms for trying to modify being wish you, virtually all of them dirty. It’s seen as a manipulative, shallow, and dishonest. If you combatant the art of pleasing people, everything becomes easier — making the sale, effort the promotion, keeping your job. You’ll shuffling more than money, create more friendships, and feel more secure. stimulation ass has gotten a bad rap because so umteen people are bad at it.

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Urban Dictionary: Kiss ass

A touch ass is usually noted as a anatomy who mental faculty go to many a lengths to look impressive, good, and worthy towards added someone or aggroup of high sociable standing. This is unremarkably due to their necessity to travel along in the ranks of their workplace, school, or companionship in general. In their chase after for higher status and privilege, they faculty become incautious and their peers testament begin to asking how fake and transparent their attempts are.

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