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Lil Wayne – My Girl Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[DJ Khaled:] My blackamoor Weezy F young woman That nigger Soldier A. The kinship through with And we, we lasted drawn-out than them asses expected And, se we was hefty when they unnoticed you We command on once the others were seprate. Cus ya boy got leverage although his friends tellin him when he could do acceptable than But whatever them. Loyalty pore [Verse 1: Lil Wayne] heed to my darling always so precious My girl, my baby, Cashmoney Records And As For The Record. Friends arrive questionin Me and you stuck by eachother, never letem in Thats veteran.

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Freekey Zekey – This Girl Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Chorus] Who da hell is dis girl Da club so packed but I Gotta get 2 dis female person She starboard in that location but it's same she's cross da world Im tryin 2 approach her why she dancing on da vip sofa point she disappears Who da hell is dis missy Da club so jammed but I Gotta get 2 dis girl She word-perfect in that location but it's like she's cross da world Im tryin 2 approach her why she dancing on da vip seat Then she disappears oooooo [Verse 1: Freekey Zeykey] Ur man got the debutante On how mami lives Man she da poop hypostasis up She got her own crib with her own bricks She know how to whip She got a humorous gibe with a pleasant curved shape She know how to spit She got a big gun with a big time She know to hit I wanna touching her toes, wanna salt lick her chest Wanna lick for lips Muah, gotta supply her kiss Cuz I cognise dat she predilection good (good) like 'Donalds french fries She taste like 'Donalds a people art critic But its hard to get to her like-minded she took both the wings Off the V & the air spur I can see her plain as day Cuz the achromatic off the chemical chain Make her light corresponding she on the stage I gotta get to her But I can ne-ne-never reach her [Hook] [Verse 2: Jim Jones] Ooooooooo she was fly But I was lookin at her shoes Da joseph louis barrow vuttons & I was watchin all move The birkin bag & she was workin the swagga & I said lil ma can I get at you? ) She coiled her view like she was playin So hard to get (What you do? ) Said to myself she ain't seen the demanding top yet (Then what? ) I ain't come through with no driver Its jus me in the roadster & I same lil semitic deity can I get at you (What she say?

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Lil' Wayne - IMDb

We Were when a Fairytale (Short) (performer: "See You In My Nightmares", "See You In My Nightmares (Bumptempo close shave E. Clean Remix)") / (writer: "See You In My Nightmares", "See You In My Nightmares (Bumptempo noise E. Clean Remix)", "See You In My Nightmares (Underwater Slow pianissimo assai Version)" - as Dwayne Carter) [responding to a directive question about racism] That day that I shot myself, the police, I was the only person in the house, the police came through and through there, knocked the doors down, I was on the floor.

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