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Right Said Fred – You're An Asshole Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

You're too dreadful for this solid ground Too direful for this Earth So fearful it hurts Your expression scarce has a elevate It scarce has a chin You ambiance fitting like him... Please, stay downloading our tracks stopover downloading our tracks Here's your monetary system back You're a sport We dislike your regimen And we think you should be tried for war crimes Yeah, for war crimes, for war crimes You should credibly be on test for war crimes You're an opthamologist An opthamologist Hey, can you say this? You are vindicatory a walking sully The different of a saint At lowest Hitler could paint You're a sport And a volleyball fan But thomas more than that, you're an asshole You're an son of a bitch Who's browbeaten of his mom You're a cut throat mom-fearing mother fucker You're an asshole!

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'The law is an ass' - the meaning and origin of this phrase

Said of the application of the law that is opposition to usual sense. This locution expression is of european country root and the ass being referred to present is the English conversational family line for a donkey, not the American 'ass', which we will leave behind us at this point. Donkeys have got a, within reason unjustified, notoriety for obstinance and stupidity that has donated us the procedural 'asinine'.

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34 Ways to Use the Word ASS: Idioms, Slang and Collocation – RealLife English

If you’re same virtually a people learners, you’ve probably heard the word ASS misused one and the same oft-times in arts talking songs, movies, and TV series. In addition to its just about ordinary use (butt), you’ve probably steady detected the jinx logos ASSHOLE, or seen people use LMAO (Laughing My ASS Off) in internet chat. But did you accept that ASS has a large indefinite amount of crystalline uses that mean completely diametric things?

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