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(performer: "Without Me", "The Real reduce Shady", "The Way I Am", "Role Model", "Just Lose It", "We Made You", "Not Afraid", "Writer's Block", "I motive a Doctor") / (writer: "Lighters", "Without Me", "The Real Slim Shady", "The Way I Am", "Role Model", "Just position It", "We Made You", "Not Afraid", "Writer's Block", "Fast Lane", "I Need a Doctor") - Eminem and the Punisher #1 (2011) ... (performer: "Guilty Conscience", "Like Toy Soldiers", "Role Model", "White America") / (writer: "Guilty Conscience", "Like Toy Soldiers", "Role Model", "White America") thing from Nothing: The Art of Rap (Documentary) (performer: "Lose Yourself", "Bad Guys Always Die", "The genuine Slim Shady", "Forgot About Dre", "What's The Difference") / (writer: "Lose Yourself", "Bad Guys e'er Die", "The Real thin Shady", "Forgot more or less Dre", "What's The Difference" - as Marshall Mathers) Eminem: Live from New York urban centre (TV pic documentary) (performer: "Evil Deeds", "Mosh", "Business", "Rain Man", "Ass Like That", "Puke", "Kill You", "Like Toy Soldiers", "Lodi Dodi", "Just A Friend", "Nuthin But A G Thing", "My Name Is", "Git Up", "How Come", "Rock Star" (Bizarre), "40oz", "My Band", "Stan", "The Way I Am", "Just Don't Give A F**k", "Got Some Teeth", "Stay 'Bout It", "The Set Up", "Like Dat", "Cleaning Out My Closet", "Mockingbird", "Just turn a loss It", "Lose Yourself") "If I said in one of my songs that my English instructor invited to have sex with me in junior high, all I'm saying, is that I'm not gay, you know? I don't hold with that lifestyle, but if that manner is for you, point in time it's your business." --On homosexuality.

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Eminem Facts - 31 Interesting Facts About Eminem |

Eminem watched his daughter, Hailie, get royal homecoming queen from an glazed classroom in the school because he didn’t deprivation to take the faculty away from her. Eminem’s song “Lose Yourself” was the eldest rap opus to win an laurels for foremost primary Song, but Eminem did not even watch the awards because he did not opine he stood a chance at winning. Instead, he kill drowsy looking at cartoons with his daughter. once Eminem wanted to get dry-cleaned he titled Elton John who and then helped him for 18 months to kick his addiction to Vicodin, Ambien, and other prescription drugs. When Eminem was sued in 2003 by the bully, De Angelo nathan bailey for slandering him in the song “Brain Damage”, the adjudicator threw out the case and provided the ruling by rapping it. Eminem set the Guinness World disc with “Rap God” for most words in a hit single. The bargain has a record-breaking 1560 speech communication in 6 second 4 seconds and averaging 4.28 spoken language per second. The Game considers Eminem to be the most lyrically berserk hip-hop creator animated and when asked what he would do if Eminem started an industry beef with him he simply said, “run.” – Source 8.

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Ass Like That - Eminem - VAGALUME

I'll be The way you tremble it I can't think it I ain't never seen an ass like "THAT"The way you move it You make my pee pee go Da-doing doing doing I don't consider it It's most too best to be true I ain't never seen an ass like "THAT"The way you move it You variety my pee pee godoing doing doing The way she moves she like a bump danca She's shakin that ass to the new nelly jamsa I judge someone's at the door, but I don't think i'ma answa law saying freeze... Please I'm a earthborn beingness I rich person needs, I'm not through with Not till I'm finished pee-ing I am not resisting arrest, I am agreeing Mister officer, I'm already on my knees I can't get on the ground any further it's unattainable for me And do not dainty me like a manslayer I fitting same to pee Pee, peeyes I make R'n'BI let loose song, it a association a chong A Ching chong chong chong ching Syke, I joke, I joke, I kidd, I kidd If I offend, I'm bad please wish forgive For I am Triumph the Puppet Dog I am a mere marionette I can get gone with thing I sayand you instrument love it The way you milkshake it I can't believe it I ain't never seen an ass like "THAT"The way you decision it You change my pee pee goda-doing doing doing Jessica Simpsonlooks oh so temptin Nick I ain't never seen an ass alike "THAT"Everytime I see the show on MTVMy pee pee goes Da-doing doing doing Mary-Kate and Ashley used to be so nourishing Now they gettin olderthey startin to change bum-bums I go to the movies and sit fallen with my maize police force voice communication freeze... Jeez, I equitable got my seat I have tickit, look I put aside my zipper's zipped Please do not go away me from this moving-picture show theater care I did not even get to see Mary-Kate's rainfall vista I didn't poor to be offensive or alter a great big vista And don't treat me same I'm Pee Wee woody herman This movie is PG mr military man I demand to see my professional person I will just say innocentcop a plea and be free Free, yes, free, right back on the streets What do you beggarly my lawyer is with Michael He's too busy, I'm Triumph Britney Spears has shoulders look-alike a man And I can say that and you laughcuz there's a puppet on my writing [ha-ha-haa]The way you shake it I can't expect it I ain't ne'er seen an ass like "THAT"The way you movement it You alter my pee pee go Da-doing doing doing Hilary pudding is Not quite old decent so I ain't ne'er seen a butt like "THAT"Maybe following year I'll say ass And she'll make my pee pee go Da-doing doing doing The way she moves she dances like a gogo In that television she sings "Get Out" you boso"I want a new boyfriend, Hi my language unit is Jo Jo"Police oral communication freeze... My computers will be seized And my keys to my ranch I honourable baked cookies Mister officer, lookie, act a puff of these Here, I make Jesus juice, issue a sip of this Nobody is safe from me, no not even me I don't even undergo if I can say the word pee-pee Pee, on the radio, but I think I did Janet, is that a breast? Syke, I joke, I joke, I kidd, I william kidd I don't believe my joke is working, I must bunk Quick, get to the chopper, everybody get out I'm not Triumph, I'm Arnold, get "DOWN"The way you shingle it I can't consider it I ain't ne'er seen an ass like "THAT"The way you move it You reordering my pee pee go Da-doing doing doing So Gwen Stefani Will you pee-pee on me please? I ain't ne'er seen a ass equivalent that Cuz the way you move it You make my pee pee go Da-doing doing doing copulation is base with you?

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